Captive focuses on Simon who, like most of us, is influenced by the things he sees on TV, but for Simon, these things become all too real...

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Captive is a 30 minute drama being made by third year Television Production students at the University of Gloucestershire. Captive tells the tale of Simon, a middle aged man who believes everything he sees on TV. He has isolated himself from the outside world which makes him a prime target for the government's media control. Captive is dark, thrilling, and will have the audience questioning what they think they know.

Where the money is going

We are raising money to contribute towards the making of this drama. The money will be spent on:

  • Set design - Props, costume, set building, set furnishing, visual effects
  • Locations - Hiring, travel expenses
  • Actors - Actor's pay, travel expenses, accommodation

Captive filming dates: January 2017

Captive wrap date: April 2017


"I believe that in a way everyone does get influenced by the television they watch and the media they consume. We see a celebrity wearing a specific brand and then we aspire to own that brand. We buy into a culture that we don’t see with our own two eyes. We see it through the internet or through our television sets. We see the content after its been mediated. This drama has the aim to make the viewer stop and think; how am I being influenced, and am I still in control?" - Corinna Ryder, Writer of Captive.

Our aim is to produce a broadcast quality programme which we believe could be suitable for television. By investing in this production you will be supporting  young filmmakers whose aims are to make it big in the television industry. We are full of enthusiam and would hate for a strict budget to limit us and compromise the quality of our graduation piece. We have a strong belief in this production and any support/donation will be greatly appreciated. Even the smallest of donations would go a long way so please, every donation counts.

Thank You

Thank You from the Captive production team

Writer/ Production Designer - Corinna Ryder

Producer - Hannah Worboys

Director - Matthew Ashwell

Director of Photography - Billy Kendall

Sound Recordist - Jack Suttie

Editor - Matty McBride

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