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Are you ready to join the movement of more sustainable fashion and fall in love with the clothes you wear?

by capsule in West Kilbride, Scotland, United Kingdom

Capsule loungewear have created timeless styles using only sustainable botanic and regenerated fibres designed and made ethically in Scotland.

We are all aware that the fashion industry is the world's second-largest polluter after the oil industry! Statistics show that on average each UK consumer sends 30kg of clothing and textiles per capita to landfill every year. That’s a total of 350,000 tonnes of clothing and the equivalent weight of almost 30,000 buses.

Research has suggested that if the average life of clothes could be extended by just nine months it could reduce carbon, water and waste footprints by 20-30%. 

*Did you know that every time we wash our clothes synthetic microfibers make their way into our oceans and the marine life that inhabit it. This growing problem has been deemed even more pervasive than micro beads, which have recently been banned in the US with the UK soon to follow suit. More research is being carried out to get to the root of the cause and a variety of solutions are being explored.

So we need to think consciously “what fabric is used to make this garment, how and where was it produced  and what happens when we wash these fibres?”

Also we should opt to “buy a garment that is made to last - not fall apart after one wash - like  cheaper ones”.

Capsule is a seasonless collection -  a range of sustainable, luxurious basics designed for versatility to suit your everyday lifestyle. Wear to your yoga, Pilates or dance class, then pack for your holidays to wear at the beach or travelling to your next festival! 

A capsule wardrobe of essentials you will treasure for years that are soft to the skin and kind to the environment.

Sizes S to XL available 

Shipping Worldwide.

The fabrics we have chosen are sustainable botanic fibres from bamboo and eucalyptus trees. (Tencel)

We use ****GOTS organic- cotton and an innovative yarn *****ECONYL® - a regenerated Nylon developed by Aquafil - driven by this Italian company’s vision of a circular future - one that facilitates creation but without costing the environment. ECONYL® Nylon Yarn is an innovative fibre produced with nylon waste that has reached the end of its product life. The company works with global social initiatives to clean up and then recycle discarded fishing nets from the oceans, together with other discarded nylons, and turn them into high quality 100% regenerated and 100% regenerable Nylon.

For every 10,000 tons of ECONYL® raw material used, it positively impacts the environment by: Saving 70 thousand barrels of crude oil and avoiding 57 thousand tons of CO2 equivalent emissions

The fabrics we use for our women’s swimwear styles are made of ECONYL® yarns and offers UPF 50+ protection from the sun.

Our garments are all ethically made in Scotland. We believe strongly in fair pay and good working conditions whilst supporting local economy. 

What is Crowdfunding?

Reaching out to our customers before production begins is a great way for us to determine quantities and size popularities of each design. This in turn reduces waste and any over production of less popular sizes. The funds raised will also allow us to provide recycled and biodegradable packaging.

Your small pledge will help us launch this project or make a pledge for your garment of choice! 

Together we can make a difference.  

Thank you for your support.


“stunning location and most ethical clothing I have ever had pleasure to model. Simply gorgeous! Honestly, I didn’t want to take them off” Anji

“feels like silk, can’t wait for my order to arrive” Samantha

“I absolutely love your clothes” Nicola








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A huge thank you for your support and believing in our project.x

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A £20 capsule gift voucher. It would be helpful if you could message us what style you would put your voucher towards and what size you normally wear? This would be great product feedback and helps to reduce over production and waste. Thanks.x

£30 or more


A capsule ECONYL® Crop top in black. Body con support great for swimming or sport activities RRP £49. Sizes 10 to 18 UK available.

£60 or more


A pair of capsule organic cotton PALAZZO trousers. RRP £89. Only for Crowdfunder. Available BLACK OR WHITE Please let us know what size you require. Available size S, M, L, XL

£60 or more


A capsule eco bikini in black. Made with regenerated nylon fibres ECONYL® RRP £89. Crowdfunder only. Sizes 10 to 18 UK available.

£70 or more


A capsule CROP HOODY TOP made using the softest, sustainable Tencel fabric. RRP £89 Available in Black Sizes S, M, L

£80 or more


A capsule organic cotton jumpsuit. Available in BLACK or WHITE RRP £99. Only for Crowdfunder. Available size S, M or L.

£100 or more


A capsule organic bamboo jumpsuit in black RRP £120 and a huuuuge hug!! This jumpsuit is super comfy and stretchy!! Available sizes 10 to 18UK.

£100 or more


A capsule one piece ECO SWIMSUIT made with ECONYL® regenerated fibre. RRP £130. Available in Black or White. Sizes 10 to 18 UK.

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