Caps On Cancer

Caps On Cancer

To expand the campaign, Caps on Cancer by holding stock/employing more staff rather than simply making to order, thus creating more demand.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Caps on Cancer was created as a simple posting on Facebook, on a Friday afternoon, offering to raise £1,000 for Cancer Research by selling traditional fine tweed flat caps with a snazzy pink lining for the price of £35.00 including a £10 donation to the cause. Expecting the take up to be several weeks, it was a hugh surprise when the first 100 caps sold in just 34 minutes. By the end of the weekend, the campaign was taking orders from 28 different countries and by the end of the first week, orders were being placed by people from every continenet around the world, (except Antarctica!) and a full scale and completely overwhelming campaign had erupted. Within days, a website had been created and additional tweed supplies were being ordered from Scotland to keep up with the ever growing demand.

Some weeks later, founder Jeremy Gower, decided that it might be benficial to try a presents on the high street and so opened his first shop to support the campaign, 'The Caps Factory'. Again, within hours of simply opening the doors to the shop and no more publicity than word-of-mouth, a buzz of demand had formed an orderly queue. However, as a potential failure of success, both Jeremy and the campaign need two things. Firstly, he needs to employ a manager and secondly he needs to order more stock so that orders can be fulfilled instantly rather than making to order and keeping supporters waiting for several weeks before receiving their caps.

The campaign is currently, "out of season" in both Europe and America and with a quiet social media presents a backlog of orders is now under control once again. This is why Jeremy is seeking funding now so that the campaign will be ready for the begining of the Autumn season when it is expected the demand will 'spike' once again. The aim for all of this effort, is to raise £100,000 to donate to the charity. The campaign has made and delivered over 1,200 caps in 12 weeks, thus raising approxiately £12,000 for the cause to date.