Wycliffe School Garden Project

by Wycliffe School Garden Project in Shipley, England, United Kingdom


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Transforming green space at Wycliffe into an amazing space for children to grow their own food, play and learn in the natural environment.

by Wycliffe School Garden Project in Shipley, England, United Kingdom

Wycliffe Garden project

In consultation with parents, children and teachers; CAPOW have been transforming the green space at Wycliffe so it becomes an amazing space for children to grow their own food, play, learn and reflect in the natural environment. We have done this by dividing the space into three areas. The first area is an edible garden, the second is a reflection and recreation space with a willow tunnel and trim trail, and the final third is a wildlife education area.

Why will it make a difference to our children?

Having a fully functioning outdoor learning space and edible garden has many benefits to our children. These include connecting with nature, physical activity, relaxation, learning new skills, nurturing creativity and encouraging healthy eating.

 What’s happened so far?

Thanks to fundraising events and grants last year we were able to fund the removal of rotten beds and build four new growing beds. We also cut back the willow tunnel and repaired the trim trail. It is thanks to your generosity over the past year that we’ve been able to do what we’ve done so far!

Fundraising in school, alongside match funding from BDAT raised £6,000. This £6,000 enabled us to secure a partnership with Edible Playgrounds, which is a fantastic project that brings the equivalent of £24,000 investment to the school. Over the next 12 months, project co-ordinators will be working with staff to develop a sustainable education programme. Watch this inspiring video about other Edible Playgrounds projects - here.

 This sees the completion of the first two thirds of the green space programme.



What are the plans for the future?

Whilst we have achieved great things over the past 12 months, there is still some work to be done. We still need to find funding for the wildlife area in the final third of the green space.

 What we need?

To complete the rest of the programme we need to raise £10,000 and We aim to raise this through a combination of fundraising and grants.

 We haven’t been able to run our seasonal fundraising events this year, so we’ve set up a Crowdfunder and aim to raise £2,000 to kickstart the next stage of funding. If we can achieve this it opens up the opportunity for match funding from external sources.

 How can you help?

If you are able to, please make a donation to the Crowdfunder and/or forward the link onto others.

 Also, if you know of any businesses who might want to make a donation or match fund, or grants and trusts who may be interested in supporting, please let CAPOW know.

 We’ll keep you updated on progress.

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