Capital growth to build online training  costs

by Bright spark training solutions in Tipton, England, United Kingdom


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Looking for fund to survive covid 19 and hopefully expand to a point i can offer employment to others as a result. New systems and programs.

by Bright spark training solutions in Tipton, England, United Kingdom

well i started this healthcare training provider in April 2019, after working in care 31 years, i started this with no financial backing to start with and paid for costs out of daily living expenses, i build some good client but due to covid they had to shut their doors to protect the service users.  This effected me for such a new business as i lost care homes for training,  i deliver training in a unique and fun way, i have managed to still hang in there working with community care but i need funds to help me redesign training programs so meet needs of the homes.  i built a great reputation with those clients and my feedback speaks for its self. 

i would build new fun and exciting programs virtually, look at a more established accreditation service so that i can offer qualification which i design in a unique way, as i am only CPD accredited centre. 

i won an award in 2020 for most inspiring training provider for such a difficult time of year, and i would love to grow further with the help i receive by paying for good marketing services as well. i don't want to loose this successful healthcare training company, i am a front line health care trainer that keeps training community carers to meet covid 19 demands on services. in return i would be able to offer 10% to a charity of a donators wish. just send a message and il choose one. 


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