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We want to self publish our first book to help our readers make lifetime memories from good food at an affordable price.

by Canteen Book 1 in St. Agnes, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

More books! 

We want this to be the first of many. 

We hope to publish 5 books in total. 

Who Are We?

Canteen is a canteen located on the North Cornwall coast in the UK. It is the home of events company Woodfired Canteen. Canteen was founded in 2017 by Ben Quinn with an aim to cook affordable food, for the year-round community in Cornwall. 


Project Team:

Ben Quinn is the founder and cook at Canteen. Jon Mackenzie is an award winning photographer and Jon Herbert is a world class Art Director. Our self-publishing venture is made up of three like-minded friends, who first met as founding members of the CALM Camera Club (A monthly meet-up for men that want to discuss photography and mental health). 


Our Idea:

We love cookbooks but we want to write cookbooks our way, the Canteen way. A series of five cookbooks that stand out from the crowd. 

‘Good Value Food with Good Values’ is the first of five.

The aim of our books are to teach folk from a wide demographic how to cook Canteen food, the Canteen way, and to self-publish a cook book for non-cooks at an affordable price. As always, with anything Canteen does –making lifetime memories around the table– we will be teaching stress-free ways to cook tasty, affordable food for friends, family and strangers.

Canteen vs Covid-19: 

We are all in this together. 

Before Covid-19, Canteen had a summer of events planned out, a diary full of weddings, festivals and corporate launches. The pandemic made us change course and taught us a lot about our purpose:  

              Good People, cooking Good Food to make lifetime memories.

During the height of the pandemic we fed over 25,000 NHS frontline staff. This journey, and it’s experiences, have taught us all we need to know about our purpose –taking what we do, ‘Making lifetime memories’ and placing it at the heart of where it is needed, not just wanted. 


The opportunity to self-publish our first book, will help Canteen continue to grow and serve our community in this Pandemic year. It will enable us to connect with more like-minded people that won't get to our tables this year. Helping us to continue to buy local produce, employ local talent, and support Cornwall’s economy, year round.  


The Vision

Our first book will be part of a series and covers Canteen’s principles of cooking Good Food. 

Book 1. ‘Good Value Food with Good Values’ will be big and bold, playful but honest, colourful and infographic heavy with the ingredients and recipes authentically captured through an honest photographic style.


Book 1 will be around 128 pages, 120 x 178mm (Portrait) in size and fairly priced at £10. All funds pledged will go directly into producing Book 1, helping us to realise our vision while setting the tone and direction for the future 4 cookbooks. 

There won’t be anything in the recipes or in the photographs that doesn’t need to be there. No faff, just flavour. 

Canteen disrupts the hospitality industry by being hospitable. Killing it with love and standing up for honest cooking and service. Canteen is punky but in an Italian Nonna (Grandmother) way. 

A Nonna with a Mohawk! 

Canteen books will be exactly this. 

The cookbook layout design will look something like this:


The intro will cover context and any hacks needed to complete the recipes.

1597688922_canteen-book1-spreads-8.3.jpg There will be roughly 10 recipes per cookbook. Each recipe around 10-12 pages.




The cookbook will flow through the day from breakfast through to dinner. Interspersed with photographs that illustrate Canteen’s vision – ‘Making lifetime memories’. 


The Book:

Note book quality with little frills but a feel of robustness – Size: 120x178mm – Quality: Paper Back – Finish: PUR Binding – Print: Digital (HP Indigo press).

Over 100 Colour photographs shot by Jon Mackenzie.

Sustainable but also financially sustainable! – Printed on Arcoprint Extra White, an uncoated Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) certified paper made with Elemental Chlorine Free Guaranteed (ECF) pulp.

 Book 1 – Good Value Food with Good Values


The book covers cooking for as little as the cost of a lottery ticket! And it will cover where to buy good food from and why.

 Book 2 – Cooking with Fire


The book covers the age of the fire from spark to ember. How colour is flavour and different styles of fire.

Book 3 – Flavour


The book covers Canteen classic dressings, marinades and the techniques- dressing while it’s hot, colour is flavour and keeping the gnarly bits.

Book 4 – How to Lay a Table


The book covers how to cook well for more than 4 and what matters when it comes to making memories that will last a lifetime. 

 Book 5 – Ingredient Love


The book covers the fact that you should love the food you cook and when you do, you can taste it. 

The Rewards: 

We have several rewards for you from purchasing the book and collecting it to doing a cook along with Ben and a group of friends. 

Here is some more information on what you would get for your pledge. 


For £100 you will be invited to one of our launch parties for up to 100 guests. You will receive a book at the party and get a chance to meet the team behind it, eat food that will be in the book and feel part of an intimate community that helped make this happen. 

There will be a few drinks available and a positive group of like-minded folk to share them with. 


Art Work

For £100 you will be one of 25 folks who own an exclusive print by Jon Mackenzie. The shot chosen by Jon will be a real hero piece and will really represent what this book is about. Jon will sign the print and you will also receive a book. We will post this to you or you can collect from Canteen. 


Cook the Book

This is a really exciting reward. For £500 you and three friends will have a 'cook together, eat together' experience with Ben Quinn. 

Ben will take you through several recipes from the book while offering first hand tips and tricks. By the end of the day you will have a bunch of new cooking skills, a copy each of the book, signed by Ben and a meal together where undoubtedly you will make life time memories. 


In Conclusion…

We want to self-publish Canteen’s first cookbook.

You can help make this dream a reality by pledging to our Crowdfunding rewards, a copy of Book 1 is just £10.

We will be publishing Book 1. and posting them out to you this Winter

(early December 2020). 

Please pledge your support now!

Select a reward or donate some funds.

Thank you!

Ben, Jon (M) and Jon (H) 

Let's make 'Canteen Book 1' happen

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