Canine Therapy Garden Room - C.M.P Therapies

Canine Therapy Garden Room - C.M.P Therapies

Creating a Garden Therapy Room for Dogs, Providing a space to relax, recover from injury or work to relieve symptoms from health issues.

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I am a university student, currently in my final year studying Equine Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation. I absolutely love my degree and it has taken me down a different path than I first thought I would go.  During the end of my first year, I decided to do an additional qualification in Equine Merisha Massage. It's an amazing form of therapy that I've loved studying and applying in my business as a self-employed therapist - I've been a qualified practitioner for a year now and have had amazing results and great feedback from my lovely clients. 

After a few of my friends and family asking if I did Canine Massage, I decided to take the plunge and became a Canine Massage Student Therapist. I'm doing my qualification alongside my degree (which is proving to be more difficult than it sounded at first) and I am nearing the end of my qualification - I'm on track to finish on time and have had good feedback from my tutor and case study clients. I've decided that to make the most of my work as a Canine Therapist, I would most benefit from having a space available at home to carry out treatments. But as a student, and still living at home with my parents, it's a difficult task to find the space. I've persuaded my parents to let me make the most of our garden space and have a Garden Therapy Room. However, in order for this to work, I need the funds to help me set up and again as a student - I can't afford to do so. 

What will the Garden Therapy Room be used for? 

The Room will be specifically for massages and to use as an office for me to store my files and books (So I can actually live in my bedroom!) The room will also be used to hold the equipment needed for the Rehabilitation and Strengthing sessions that will go on in the garden, these sessions are amazing but do require lots of random pieces of equipment to support the dogs progress. 

Garden Room Idea

Will there be any community or Charity work involved in this project? 

Once a month or once every 2 weeks, I want to have a little nomination session that will run on my facebook VIP page and my business page, this will give the chance for local people in my community or surrounding areas to 'Nominate' a dog that they feel would benefit from a session with me in the Room. Whether that's because they have a serious health condition affecting their life, had a hard start/part of their life, provided a service to others (ie police dogs, hearing dogs, blind dogs) or done something out of the ordinary. This will be an amazing way to give back to the community and to make those dogs feel fabulous! 

What do I get If I donate? 

There are various 'packages' that I've put together if you would like them, Or if you would rather just have the satisfaction that you helped a student in need then thats fine too. Please check out the Reward section for more details on these. - All of the packages include V.I.P Access to my facebook group meaning you guys get first-refusal on cancellation slots, reduced priced sessions, pre-sale previews, priority bookings,  vouchers (worth more than you paid), which are either exclusive to you guys or given to you before the rest of my Facebook following.  

If you get a % off in your package this can be used to claim of a dog or a horse (so that people who only have horses can get in on the deal as well).

What happens if I Crowdfund more money than needed? 

Dependant on how much I am over target  I will be keeping some in a savings account only to be spent on improving the business and buying more equipment when specific cases come in needing more specialized therapies. Improving their well-being and my effect on them.  And if I am lots over the target , then I will be donating the money to local animal charities.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I'm so grateful to all the funders that donate to my project. It is a very exciting prospect that I can't wait to turn into a reality.  

(garden room photos are just an idea of what the shed will look like, all plans will be placed into the V.I.P Group and you will be notified throughout  the process. Even having some choice too!!)

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