Cancer Awareness Support

Cancer Awareness Support

This fund will be used to help provide support and awareness services to all member of the public who are or have suffered with cancer.

We did it!

On 27th Jan 2018 we successfully raised £6 with 2 supporters in 56 days

My father has recently been diagnosed with brain cancer. As you can imagine, this news is devastating not only for the pepole suffering but also the families suffering. This news left many of us devastated and lost for words as you are never really prepared to hear such bad news. 

My family is finding it very difficult to be able to express themselves as well as stay strong for my father. When unexpected situations like this occur in any event, naturally all you want to do is cry. But trurh ne told, what has crying ever done for anyone? It's not going to take away the cancer or make the situation any better. 

I also realised that we are not the only family who are suffering or have suffered. There are many people who get diagnosed with cancer every day of our lives, but we just don't realise it. 

I want to be able to support my family, my father and others in the same situation without having making things any harder than they already are.

So I came up with a theory to be able to do this.

I thought of the best possible way to be able to support my family and others who have been through and are going through the same situation. When you are trying to stay strong for each other, it's difficult to express emotions to one another. 

With this funding, I am going to offer seminars, group sessions, counselling services in and around the UK for all those who are and have suffered from this traumatic experience. I will arrange events which will allow people to express themselves and speak to others they can relate to. I will also arrange events for families to help them with bonding together rather than pushing eachother away. I find it it's very important to make the most of every day we have and share as many memories together as we can. 

I want to help all those suffering and also want to hear from those who have suffered to share their experiences. 

Your kind donations will be used to help and support many people and families to be able to express and share both the good and bad memories with eachother.

Everyone that makes a donation will be sent an invitation to all our events and seminars. I am soon to write an ebook on this subject which you will also be sent a copy of. 

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