Cancer Research Dinner and Dance

by Sahib Kaur in Northwood, England, United Kingdom

Cancer Research Dinner and Dance
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

To promote awareness and give funding to battle cancer for the those fighting, fought and those who lost the battle.

by Sahib Kaur in Northwood, England, United Kingdom

I have recently been apart of my grandmother in laws second battle with ovarian cancer which she unfortunately lost. I saw and felt the hardship and strength both she and my inlaws had to go through 24 hours a day as she was cared for at home and the support received. Another family member also recently battled cancer whilst raising her 6 months year old son. thankfully she won her battle. Locally a a young girl of 7 passed away having won her battle with leukaemia but unfortunately contracted a virus that took her life. This has occured in the last year and I imagine there are hundreds of thousands of more stories from others.

I would like to raise money so I can host large charitable dinner and dances with the purpose of fundraising money for cancer charities. An event dedicated to survivors, those currently fighting and friends and family of those who lost the battle.  I hope to ticket the event with the banquets including guest performances, guest speakers  raffles, auctions and local businesses exhibiting their products and services. This will raise awareness , give a platform and engage local business and  communities. The purpose is to raise awareness and celebrate life. 

However in order to hire the event  space and make this a reality I need some financial assistance.

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