Camping with Liam

Camping with Liam

To purchase a second hand trailer tent that is suitable for a disabled child to go camping with his family.

We did it!

On 25th Oct 2017 we successfully raised £135 with 7 supporters in 56 days

Liam Jones is 10 years old.  On March 29th 2012 Liam was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.
DMD is a serious condition that causes progressive muscle weakness. By about 8 to 11 years (sometimes earlier or a little later), a wheelchair will be required. Sufferers of Duchenne usually die (painfully) in their 20's.
Sadly during the month of October 2015 Liam lost the use of his legs. He is now permanently in a wheelchair, unable to stand. His core muscles are getting weaker and he is losing the use of his arms. His lungs are now at 49% capacity.

Before Liam was diagnosed, he and his family loved to go camping togther but since he has got sick, they didn't think it would be possible anymore.

Holidays (time away from home together) are getting harder and more expensive. Liam cannot travel far now and cannot be away from home for too long.

We think we have the solution in getting a trailer tent that they can use whenever they can manage a night or two away. Family and friends can camp with them in separate tents.

Liams parents really want to take Liam camping again even though he is in a wheelchair. They can make this possible by purchasing a trailer tent that contains a bed large enough, high and firm enough to support him. 

A suitable trailer tent needs to be large enough for Liam's parents to be able to manoever him around inside it, plus he needs to be turned regurlary during the night as he cannot turn over by himself, so a large but comfortable bed is necessary.

Our aim is to get a Sunncamp airvolution 300.

These tents are expensive but maybe we can raise enough money to buy a good second hand one. Prices vary but £3,000 would be sufficient to buy one that will be warm, dry and big enough for them. 

Liam's doctors believe that due to the unusual extent of his illness, he is unlikely to make it to his 20's which is the average lifespan of a Duchenne sufferer. He may not even make it to his teens! Soon he will be needing oxygen to help him breathe.

Please help us to help them treat Liam to an opportunity to go camping again that he would love so much before it's too late.
Thank you so much from the bottom.of our hearts for your help and support. 



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