Campaigning for Forests - Òran Theatre

by Òran Theatre in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 9th January 2019 we successfully raised £2,425 with 83 supporters in 56 days

Play a part in funding new theatre ecology. Help a rural-focused, laboratory theatre community create urgent work about the natural world.

by Òran Theatre in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

This new target would allow us to get going to making Stage 2 of the project and taking it festivals and rural barns this summer! It would be INCREDIBLY HELPFUL!

We are making a piece about forests.

Our relationship with the natural world is at crisis point.

How can theatre change the way we feel so that we can change the way we behave?

What we are making

Forests is an invitation to come to an edge, to cross a boundary, to leave something behind and enter the trees.

Stories weave together, arguments and ideas form, questioning how we listen and how we connect to ourselves, our lives and the worlds around us. 

Inspired by conversations with environmentalists, travellers, woodsmen and spiritual leaders, Forests combines meticulous research with visceral physicality and polyphonic singing to create a unique story, taking the audience on a deep and poetic meeting with the forest.

Play a part in our future

Òran Theatre is a laboratory theatre community dedicated to the artistic investigation of the human spirit and our connection with the natural world.

Based in the south-west of England, we are a cross-disciplinary, training-based company influenced by eastern European laboratory process, forged in community and emphasising sustained body and vocal training to enrich our work. 

For 2 years we have been investigating the question of our relationship to forests. Exploring the natural environment of the Forest of Dean we have been working, sweating, walking, singing, researching, cooking and living together to question the ecology of making theatre and how to make work that goes beyond the human. We have talked to specialists, ecologists, gardeners, scientists, conservationists. As part of Òran Work Centre we have begun to run workshops in artistic collaboration and creativity. And now we want to share the work with the rural communities of south-west England to widen the conversation about art and ecology.

Your donations will bring new work to new audiences.

Selected to be a part of Theatre Fest West, a major arts festival in the south-west of England, we will share Forests in Spring 2019 at The Pound Arts, Salisbury Arts Centre and The Grange Village, enabling us to share our process and share a series of performances, workshops and talks with audiences and makers in the area.

Making work and getting it to audiences is expensive. 

We need your help to get it to the people. 

You can directly contribute to the artistic eco-system of this country.

Your generous donation ensures we can continue to think big!


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£5 or more

What £5 buys

Your donation feeds two hearty vegetarian meals to a hungry performer

£10 or more

What £10 buys

Your donation buys 5 copies of our beautifully designed and hand painted poster design

£20 or more

What £20 buys

Your donation pays for marketing to contact wider and hard to reach rural audiences

£30 or more

What £30 buys

Your donation subsidises a creative workshop for marginalised communities

£50 or more

What £50 buys

Your donations pays for half a day with a videographer to showcase the project to festivals, arts venues and new audiences

£100 or more

What £100 buys

Your donations buys us new musical instruments including koshi bells and drums that will create an extraordinary sound in our performance.

£200 or more

What £200 buys

Your donation buys for the creation of one newly composed, epic polyphonic song.

£500 or more

What £500 buys

Your (amazing) donation pays for one hard-working performer for a week.

£1,000 or more

What £1000 buys

Your donation gives significant support to the incredible Asha Centre (a multi-faith, peace education centre) who house us as we make the work.

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