Campaign to be Elected Mayor of North Tyneside

by Jack Thomson in North Shields, England, United Kingdom

Campaign to be Elected Mayor of North Tyneside


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To raise the required funds to stand as a candidate in the May 2021 elections to stand as Elected Mayor of North Tyneside.

by Jack Thomson in North Shields, England, United Kingdom

Hello, my name is Jack Thomson and I am UKIP’s candidate for the North Tyneside Mayoral Election.  

I was brought up, and still live, in North Shields and think it’s a town that has great potential and is a hidden gem in the North East.  So does the rest of the Borough, in a lot of different ways.  I am standing as Mayoral candidate because North Tyneside needs to reach its full potential and I believe I can help to achieve that.  We’ve all seen taxpayers’ money wasted on certain development projects that have been unpopular with local people but have not really had the impact we need.   Both major parties have been guilty here – although each will point to some things they think they’ve done well: I think it’s a case of “Could have done better!”  The Borough has lots of challenges to face – Mrs Redfearn points out the poverty levels, even though she’s had eight years to make a start on them – and both parties have gone too far in their less sensible schemes.  I am more positive, I know we have the ability to make the most of all the chances that will come along after Corvid and Brexit.   Times are changing and change always brings new opportunities, so let’s look for them and gain from them.  The current leadership aims to distract us from the real issues that need immediate attention but don’t have much more than words to offer, I want action. 

One of the main things we will need, and have needed for years, is for all local politicians to work together for the good of our Borough, that’s much more important than small-minded Party politics.  We need a cheerleader who can stimulate that attitude and also work to keep North Tyneside prominent in the minds of the Whitehall Mafia.  The North doesn’t start at Potters Bar!  We all need to stop feeling sorry for ourselves, or feel jealous of the Southerners, we have so many great advantages up here, we need to make the most of them.  That will take all the ideas we can think of, and UKIP is full of them.   We are greener than the Greens, more liberal than the Lib Dems, more dedicated to social equality than Labour, want to conserve more of our national treasures than the Conservatives and we have a housing policy that works for everybody.  North Tyneside doesn’t have a big enough slice of the national cake, and I want to change that as well.  For example, I want to get hold of the £1.5 billion the Tories promised to regenerate the North Bank of the Tyne.  Have you seen any sign of it?

The big trouble is that the changes we deserve all need money and that is very true in election campaigns.  The other parties have the funds, UKIP does not, we are all volunteers so any donation or contribution you can make will help me to take forward my campaign to bring about the changes that are so long overdue for our local area.

Thank you,

Jack Thomson

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