Campaign Fundraising for Jeremy Corbyn!

Campaign Fundraising for Jeremy Corbyn!

Support Jeremy Corbyn for Labour leader - and for Prime Minister, in time.

We did it!

On 6th Sep 2016 we successfully raised £74 with 9 supporters in 56 days

Jeremy Corbyn retains the widespread support of grassroots members , unions, and local Labour parties.

He won a huge mandate (59.5%) just nine months ago, and is now being challenged again.

We, his loyal members, owe it to Mr Corbyn - who has fought the media, government, and MPs on all sides for this period, for us, and who continues to campaign tirelessly - to back him in every way we can.

Now more than ever we need a unified, left-wing opposition. Tory austerity has failed; it's time for a true alternative.

Let's fund his campaign - for leader or premiership - and find him every vote we can.





[All funding will go directly to Jeremy Corbyn's campaign, either for Labour leader or Prime Minister (depending on time scales). Please continue to donate after we have reached our target, and give as much as we can.]

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