Camp Valour C.I.C Veteran Transition Centre

by Camp Valour C.I,C Veteran Transition Centre in North West

Camp Valour C.I.C Veteran Transition Centre
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On 28th August 2018 we successfully raised £266 with 11 supporters in 56 days

We are looking at raising a minimum of £1 million pounds to help build a Veteran Transition Centre, to help keep Veterans off the street.

by Camp Valour C.I,C Veteran Transition Centre in North West

We, the people of the United Kingdom have had enough of seeing our Veterans on the streets, being overlooked, begging in doorways and seeing them on waiting lists, for housing or support for PTSD. Or sadly the veteran taking their own life.

 Our group, a group of veterans want to build a military-style residential park called Camp Valour, Veteran Transition Centre.

 It is designed by veterans, for veterans, which has the purpose of transitioning military personnel into civilian life and resolving the issue of homelessness amongst veterans, by restoring lost pride and dealing with the issues that made them homeless. 

Our aim is to reintegrate all camp residents back into employment, education and training, and to develop the skills they have gained through military service, whilst utilising them in a civilian marketplace and dealing with the issue of finding a permanent home for them.

 Profits from Camp Valour will be reinvested into the camp with the aim to offer additional support to any veterans in the wider area. We will engage with the external local community and offer services to assist. As a priority, Camp Valour will provide food, clothing and shelter for veterans who find themselves homeless or if they need to have a break from the stresses and strains of civilian life. 

On site, they will be able to access every form of advice and support to resolve their reasons for homelessness and to offer a middle ground to transition from military to civilian life for those fresh out of service. Warm, Safe, Clean accommodation surrounded by fellow Veterans and with all support agencies available through on-site counsellors and support partnerships. 

Admission into Camp Valour cannot be purchased it has to be earned. 

Our Ethos is, that we may not know them all, but we certainly owe them all! Helping veterans aged from 17 to 117, we owe them all the same amount of gratitude.

 We acknowledge that it is difficult for families to cope with veterans suffering from PTSD and the timeout can make the difference between families breaking up and staying together.

 Other veterans on site may be fresh out of service and spend six months on camp to adjust to civilian life and gain suitable housing and employment 

If you think our Armed Forces are worth a one-off £1 donation or you would like to make a donation in the memory of someone who has served in the British Armed forces to show your gratitude in everything that they have done for our country, both past and present then please support us and donate. 

We are not asking for monthly payments or direct debits or asking every year, this is a one-off £1 payment so that we can build this Transition Camp that will allow our veterans to gain support in gaining housing, education, training and employment. 

We will provide a roof for homeless veterans instantly and prevent those that are struggling with ever having to sleep in a doorway or feeling that their service has meant nothing. We think our veterans deserve more and we hope that you feel the same.

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