Camden Health Kick

Camden Health Kick

Increase the health & wellbeing of isolated families providing them the tools and knowledge to live healthier lives.

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Camden Health Kick is a 3 year intergenerational healthy family’s project located in Camden London, United Kingdom.

We are a consortium of three organisations; Queens Crescent Community Association(QCCA), Castle Haven Community Association(CCA), and Kentish Town City Farm (KTCF). The aim of the project is to address health inequalities within Camden with goals to improve the health and wellbeing of isolated and deprived families by offering various amounts of healthy living activities. Healthy living activities include; gardening/horticultural classes, horse care sessions, family farm crafting, sporting sessions, free gym membership (18+), free health checks, free health awareness workshops, and healthy cooking and eating on a budget. This project is quite unique because it is intergenerational as one of our main priorities is to encourage positive social engagement across age groups.

We will be offering these services free for families (people of all ages & ethnicities);

Free Horse Care Lessons

Free Family Farm Crafting Lessons

Free Gardening Sessions

Free Sporting Sessions

Free Healthy Cooking & eating on a budget lessons (teaching families to cook a healthy meal for £5)

Free Gym Member for 6 months

Free Health Checks (Health Assessments checking for diabetes, cholesterol, blood glucose, and blood pressure)

Free Family Fitness Sessions

Free Money Skills Course

Free Health Awareness Workshops

We are different because our services are for the entire family. We want moms, dads, sons, daughters, grandmothers, and grandfathers doing these activities TOGETHER.

These services will help families make new local friends, learn new skills, having fun while being active, increase wellbeing and promote happiness.