Cambodia Fundraising

Cambodia Fundraising

Raising to travel to Cambodia in 2016: assist in the building of schools and other charitable projects to benefit those in need.

We did it!

On 8th Jul 2015 we successfully raised £170 with 4 supporters in 28 days

Project aim

Raising to travel to Cambodia in 2016 in order to assist in the building of schools and other charitable projects to benefit the widlife as well as local communities.

About the project

Run and organised by Camps International, in the Summer of 2016, myself and a select group of students from Ifield Community College, will be travelling to Cambodia. The purpose of this, not only to develop us as individuals, is focused upon the development of rural communities within the country as well as undertaking projects to further improve education and wildlife conservation.

Camps International itself is not a charity, due to booking reasons, a charity would be unable to organise a trip abroad for young people. So although Camps International is faintly affiliated with The Camps Foundation (a charity), the Cambodia Expedition is seperate. However, despite this, the projects and activities that we will be participating in are of a charitable nature, and a certain percetage of the funds (as well as contributing towards our flights e.c.t.) will be put towards building materials for projects such as the construction of primary schools.

As well as these "hands on" projects, we will also be communicating with the younger members of the community, and passing on our knowledge to them as we teach them about the broader world. Overall, Camps International has managed to achieve many amazing goals:

  • Benefitted approximately 30,000 people across Africa, Asia and Latin America.
  • Improved and constructed 30 schools.
  • Constructed over 200,000 litres of water storage and installed 6 gravity fed water systems to provide communities with clean drinking water.
  • Constructed 34 school and community ablution blocks to improve sanitation.
  • Built 5 new school kitchen and dining facilities for school children.
  • Built over 2000 fuel efficient stoves for rural communities.
  • The numerous feeding programmes have supported more than 800 young children in America.

So as you can see from these examples, Camps International is very involved with these charitable projects, and by funding my journey, you will be helping to assist with these goals.

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