Camarthenshire farm Fund

Camarthenshire farm Fund

To help a country minded couple get out the town and help purchase a fantastic dairy farm to produce the finest milk to sell to make cheese

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

My partner and I are wanting to move to South Wales and start a dairy farm producing the finest milk to sell to make mozzarella cheese, but as land is so expensive now a days it's hard raise the capital to be able to stock the farm after purchasing it. 

We are looking to raise £250,000 to help purchase  approx 250  lovely dairy cows to help us get under way producing milk at a sustainable level. 

The cows will graze out in the summer on the pastures and then in the sheds on comfortable beds during the wet cold nights. 

By donating you will be not only helping us get into the dairy industry but would be helping support the dairy industry. Many dairy farmers exit the industry every year as the average age of a farmer is 59 years old and mostly there children do not want to continue on with the family business. 

If you would like to donate to help us,it would be greatly appreciated and any donators would be more than welcome to visit the farm along with welcoming any work placement opportunities. 

Kind regards