Calmer Minds - A mental health based magazine

by Hayley Blow in Moulton Park Industrial Estate, Northamptonshire, England

Calmer Minds -  A mental health based magazine
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To create Calmer Minds, a mental health magazine that supports everyone affected whilst tackling the stigma and raising awareness.

by Hayley Blow in Moulton Park Industrial Estate, Northamptonshire, England

Calmer Minds is a mental health based magazine. 

One of the repercussions of mental health problems is a feeling of isolation and feeling as though people don’t understand. Calmer Minds will give people the platform to be able to feel part of a community and be able to relate to others, making them realise they really aren’t alone. It will give people the tools they need to be able to improve their mental health, or give them the understanding to help someone who is struggling.

I want Calmer Minds readers to be the main people contributing content. We want to hear your stories and give inspiration to people. We want to share your experiences in hope to help others. It could be information on how you help yourself – through exercise, healthy eating or mindfulness. It could be your mental health journey. Perhaps your creative and express your mental health through artwork, or poetry. Do you want to hear an expert within the mental health industry give their opinions? Are you an organisation that promotes positive wellbeing? Do you want to be more educated on conditions and medication? Would you like to know the latest updates in mental health news? Calmer Minds will include all this and more.

Calmer Minds magazine will be quarterly and around 90 pages in length.

Statistically mental health affects 1 in 4, however I truly believe that mental health affects everyone, whether it’s directly or indirectly. We all know someone who suffers from poor mental health, but not all of us know how to respond. If someone has a panic attack, what do you do? This should be part of basic first-aid.

Calmer Minds started as an idea two years ago while I was on summer break from university. Through my own mental health experiences, I have learnt a lot and become very passionate about tackling the stigma and raising awareness of mental health. I want to make a difference to people’s lives and view of mental health. I decided to combine this with my journalism degree and create what is now Calmer Minds magazine.

From this idea I have made a prototype which has had amazing feedback from everyone who has seen a copy. Sharing our experiences can offer people ways of coping, give them the inspiration they need and offer them the tools to improve their mental wellbeing.

Since I created the prototype I have spent 2 years studying design and improving my technical skills. Social media will be a major part of Calmer Minds, we want to have a personal relationship with our readers. We want them to be involved in creating the content for Calmer Minds. Eventually we would like to establish support groups across the UK where people can discuss and work on improving their mental wellbeing.

After I created the prototype I decided to make a website to not only increase my skills but to test the market. I didn’t push this on social media or other platforms as it was more of a personal test, however, we have had over 3500 views and when I uploaded the prototype to the website issuu, it received over 8000 impressions

I want to create a platform that will raise awareness of mental health and help people be more educated, more understanding and more proactive.

With the money raised I will be able to market Calmer Minds and raise awareness of it, but I’ll also have the money to print and distribute more copies. The more copies printed the higher the discount. For example, one of my quotes has been 100 copies for: £230, 1000 copies for £1212 and 10,000 for £2965. I have the contacts and the resources to distribute this in large quantities. The revenue generated from our first issue will be re-invested into Calmer Minds and its future issues to become self-sustainable.

I have the passion and I have the skills drive to make this work. I’m asking you not only for your funding but for your support and we hope you join us on our journey through Calmer Minds.


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