Open a highstreet store & promote a healthy option

Open a highstreet store & promote a healthy option

Allow us to open a shop on the high street to compliment our online shop and raise awareness to a healthier alternative to smoking.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Calm Clouds - E-Cigarettes & E-Liquids 
We began trading online in April 2017 and received a great response. 
We are continually growing a following on social media and best known as a go to online store for cheap but quality products. 
I started Calm Clouds because of my passion for Vaping. 
After trying every method available to quit smoking I thought it was nigh on impossible until I was introduced to E-Cigarettes.  
I found that it suppressed my urges to smoke regular cigarettes as I was still receiving the nicotine but in a much safer way and also still had something to do with my hands. 
As a lot of people have seen recently the E-Cigarette Industry has become an phenomenon over the last year and even regular GP's are now encouraging people to quit smoking and start using an E-Cigarette as a healthier and safer alternative. 
As our online brand flourishes we would like to get on the high street to get the awareness out there that there is a safer, cleaner, healthier and more enjoyable way to quit smoking. 
Why do we need the money? 
The funds we are raising would be to open a shop in a strategic location that allows all walks of life to learn and experience E-Cigarettes first had. 
We would have testers available in store for everyone to try so people get a feel for if its something they could use as an alterative to smoking. 
We would stock everything from starter kits for the new users to advanced kits for the more experienced.  
Long Term Plans 
As we have a passion for different flavours of E-Liquid our long term plans are to eventually like to develop and manufacture our own E-Liquid brand right here in the UK using ISO clean rooms.
Why another E-Cigarette shop? 
Most of the E-Cigarette shops I have visited are selling without knowledge or passion, Giving bad advice to smokers which discourages them from even attempting to try a E-Cigarette. 
We want to encourage every single smoker to at least try out an E-Cigarette at least once and give them all the available advice and options tailored to that specific individual. 

Are we prepared?

In short yes. We have the contact's here in the UK for all of the supplies and we also have contact's in China that are ready to ship the newest stock within 1 day.