Calm Farm Community Summer Event

To help raise money to fund our summer event raising money for our art based self-esteem building program for children, Remarkable Me.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Remarkable me  aims to target children that are experiencing stress and difficulties in their lives due to poor self-esteem and negative self-belief and as a result maybe failing to reach their potential.  We will be using the Arts throughout each session to help awaken and inspire children to develop their creativity which we believe will motivate and encourage them to overcome hurdles, try new things, learn new skills, enhance their emotional literacy and develop their resilience. 

Throughout the 11 week program we use many different creative art forms such as;  
Music and movement, Dance, Drama, Arts and Crafts, and Singing to enhance the learning, development and communication process. 

These tools will be used to aid the children in their journey of self-discovery and building a positive sense of self.  We explore the ideas of identity, encouraging the group to explore their strengths and attributes and find confidence in themselves. 

In addition there is a strong focus on leadership throughout the program, participants are encouraged to step up into leadership roles and those completing the program are invited to support additional groups in the role of peer mentor. 

Throughout the program we aim to build a safe, nurturing and supportive group that we believe enable children to unlock their power and build inner strength, instil hope and inspiration, build an attitude of gratitude for the world around us, overcome fears and improve relationships with others by looking at how we can learn from one another.