Callum's top surgery fund

by Callum Read in Canterbury, England, United Kingdom

Callum's top surgery fund


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Hi! I'm Callum, a 19 year old trans man from the UK and I need top surgery!

by Callum Read in Canterbury, England, United Kingdom

Hi! I'm Callum, a 19 year old trans man from the UK. I have been out since 2018 and binding since 2016, which has taken a toll on my physical and mental health. Unfortunately, the waiting list for an NHS gender clinic appointment is around 2 years, plus it's been slowed due to COVID-19, so surgery through the NHS isn't an option for me. I'm hoping to raise enough to cover my consultation and the surgery itself, and anything else I raise will go towards travel and aftercare. I'm also saving as much as I can, but this has been really hard since I'm an unemployed art student and care leaver. Top surgery is all I want, and it would mean the world if you could help me get it. Much love, Callum x

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