Callum The Florist

Callum The Florist

I am taking on an exciting project, I am raising funds in order to open a florist shop, in sunny Weston Super Mare.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I have recently moved to Weston Super Mare, all the way from Oxfordshire.

Back home in Oxfordshire, for the past three years, I worked as a Communications Operator in one of the two Control Rooms for Thames Valley Police. As rewarding, challenging, and quite frankly amazing as that job sometimes could be - I'm a creative person and I want to be my own boss, hence channeling my all into floristry.

A very good friend from my home town, Wallingford, has the best florist in the area (officially #1 business in the town) Keri The Florist. I have worked for Keri previously, and I wouldn't reccomend any other florist. 

The one downfall of moving to Weston (being a flower lover),  having shopped around, there isn't a decent florist. Not one that has a patch on KTF!!

With Keri's help, I plan to become Weston and the surrounding areas most vibrant, happy florist. The go to place for a fresh, bright bouquet. 

KTF will be the mothership store, I will be continuing her reputation and her outstanding customer service down here in Somerset.