Calling all tea Lovers!!Welcome to VeriaTea Cafe

Calling all tea Lovers!!Welcome to VeriaTea Cafe

to create a pop up stand within my university, this will be to showcase my idea and share my vision with you !

We did it!

On 30th Mar 2017 we successfully raised £800 of £800 target with 6 supporters in 21 days

Who am I?

Hello everybody, my name is Marvin Isaac – I am a 21 year old currently living in Tottenham and an up-and-coming entrepreneur. I am a final year student at the University of Westminster with a passion for creating new innovative ideas which I plan on sharing with the world.

My mission is to satisfy all tea lovers across London, bringing likeminded people together in an open and friendly environment where great, fresh, quality tea can be celebrated and consumed. I’d also like to provide some variation to the saturation of coffee shops in London today.

This is why I have created Veriatea café, a place where all tea lovers can congregate and enjoy new exotic flavours or a traditional cup of good old fashioned English tea.

Why am I doing it?

In London alone there are over 5000+ coffee shops/cafés with that number increasing year on year (I know, shocking right). So this got me thinking, where are the tea cafés for people who don’t enjoy coffee? At this point I was struck with the idea of creating a café specialising in tea of all kinds and flavours. This will enable tea lovers like myself an opportunity to have a place exclusively for tea and won’t have to conform to coffee shops. As well as providing Londoners with a healthy hot beverage with various health benefits (i.e. aiding weight loss or boosting the immune system), VeriaTea café will provide Londoners with a relaxed environment to provide a break from their fast paced lifestyle.

Why do I need your help?

This project has been a huge learning curve for me which I am really enjoying. However, for my dream to continue I will need some help from you, the people who share my vision and idea for VeriaTea café and turn it into a reality. I will need an extra boost to buy some essential items such as the best quality loose leaf tea, to create a pop up stand within my university campus to display my idea to the world. This will be a showcase to share my vision with you and for you to ask me any questions - and of course enjoy the great tasting tea I have to offer!


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