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Caledonian Craft

Caledonian Craft: creating a socially aware network of venues and breweries across Scotland!

We did it!

On 22nd Dec 2015 we successfully raised £110 with 6 supporters in 28 days


For too long, the central belt of Scotland has been characterised as the binge capital of the UK.

This binge culture must change. However, for this to be possible, people must be educated and attitudes changed. We must aim to tackle unemploymentalcohol misuse and social problems in a more effective manner than the current methods.

Following time living in Belgium a contrasting culture surrounding drinking, beer in particular, became apparent. In Europe beer is enjoyed leisurely along with food and often music. Born from this appreciation and love of great beer, food and music; Caledonian Craft aims to break the mould of the beer industry in Scotland.

As the architecture of space has a profound impact on your experience within it, we aim to create attractive venues at various scales which reflect the ethos of Caledonian Craft. A social program heavily influenced by the Gothenburg and Trappist principles, allows us to feed the profits back to the community.

We are food. We are education. We are beer.


What makes us different?

Caledonian Craft are adopting the Gothenburg Principle, brought to Scotland from Sweden.

In Scotland they were created as social enterprises in mining towns across the country - trying to encourage coal miners to abstain from excessive alcohol consumption.

Importantly 95% of the profit was invested back in to the community.

These profits were able to fund many public facilities such as libraries, parks, bowlinggrounds, community centres, district nurses and also gave donations to galas, charities and local clubs.


What are our current plans?

- Collaboration brew with 6 Degrees North planned for December 2015.

- Brew our own batches early 2016.

- Host a number of events within Glasgow / Ayrshire in early 2016, with the profits fed directly to the local community and charities.

- Late spring 2016, create our portable scale venue & get our name out there.

- Summer 2016, mid-scale takeover! Host a full weekend event in a venue with the full furniture fitout and decor created by us.


Long term vision?

Caledonian long term vision is to create a network of venues at 3 different scales.

The starting point being one venue of a small / medium scale which allows the manefesto of food, beer, music and accommodation to be put into practice. Ideally this would be located in a converted building as where possible we hope to bring life back to vacant or disused buildings within the respective areas. We see the 3 stages of scale including:

- Portable venue - Small / Medium scale- Large scale purpose built

The portable being all about publicity and building the brand / revenue in different areas. The small / medium scale would house a bar / restaurant, function space and possibly accommodation. The large scale purpose built would be the new main brewery site. The flagship building which offers education, events and tours, as well as all the functions of the lesser scales.


Where have we come from?

Caledonian Craft is the current architectural thesis work of Connor Steven & Donald Hunter. The ideology has too much mileage to be purely a university project, therefore it has been treated as a real project from day one.

Coming from an architectural background, we bring with us a wealth of experience in designing buildings - good design being something that is at the heart of Caledonian Craft. Creating attractive venues with clever use of space, which people want to visit again and again.

Contact Us

Thanks for making it this far. If we don't reach our target, it doesn't mean we don't continue - it just means we will take longer to get there!

We are more than happy to speak anyone over our proposal and ideology, so please get in touch!

Twitter: @CaleCraftBeer


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