Calais Refugees Fund Raiser

Calais Refugees Fund Raiser

I will be at the refugee jungle camp for a week to help with the daily problems on the ground. Money will be spent on firewood, gas & food.

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On 10th Mar 2016 we successfully raised £260 with 11 supporters in 28 days

The plight of the refugees and the difficulties in Calais has been on my mind for many weeks and I want to dedicate time to help practically with the daily problems on the ground. It's a particularly challenging season and many people are suffering much hardship and hunger with a lack of commitment from government to take responsibility.

The refugee jungle camp is a shanty town holding a mixture of refugees, asylum seekers and economic migrants. Conditions at the camp are poor with ineffective shelter and sanitation with more people arriving every day.

The money will be spent on travel(small amount), firewood, medicine, food and to refill gas bottles in France. I will be traveling soon and the funds will be distributed on my arrival and over the week of my stay.

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