Cake Makeup Artistry

by Lucy P. in Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom

Cake Makeup Artistry


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To raise enough money to purchase a basic makeup kit which will support my new business - Cake Makeup Artistry.

by Lucy P. in Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom

Hi everyone! 

Since I can remember makeup has been my passion in life. From the age of 12 I suffered dreadfully with acne and this led me to depend on good makeup skills in order to face the tough every day life of being a teenager. 

At the ripe old age of 34 I still struggle with my skin and so have become very knowledgeable  about makeup and skincare. So much so that all of my friends turn to me for advice and have always said I should pursue a career as a makeup artist. 

However my passion for beauty was not always supported and I took the wrong direction and got a degree in communication and media. Although this has stood me in good stead, my heart lies in makeup. A tough few years and plenty of knocks to my confidence led me to question my ability to follow my dreams along with being a single parent on a very low income. However I have gained strength and confidence and have decided that it is now or never! Enjoying what you do is so important and I want to be a positive influence to my daughter in creating a life that makes you both happy AND successful. 

After a lot of self-teaching, research and practise I have joined forces with a good friend who currently works as a makeup artist in film and tv and we have set up Cake Makeup Artistry. I’ve beeb working very hard on the brand and social media aspects of things and have been placed on a New Enterprise Allowance scheme run by the government to help support this. However government funds stretch no where near enough to go towards me building a kit. For now my business partner has kindly offered that I can borrow hers but I hope that well be busy enough to have separate bookings in the future and so this won’t be possible. I’ve scraped together enough for a few basics like brushes and business cards but as any makeup artist knows, talent can only get you so far, and a good quality makeup kit is essential. 

Please help me to follow my dream and build a makeup kit that will help me to transform the confidence of others. Thank you xxx

Let's make 'Cake Makeup Artistry' happen