Caister Dog Park (off leash)

by Ruth Bond-Holland in Caister On Sea, England, United Kingdom

Caister Dog Park (off leash)
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

To build a 1 acre "off leash" dog park enclosure, where your furbaby can run and play safely in Caister on Sea

by Ruth Bond-Holland in Caister On Sea, England, United Kingdom


The Project - The Parish Council have given permission for a feasibility study of a Caister "Off leash" Dog Park project. 

For  the study to be completed, there is of course the need to show that it can be funded. (See the "Pledges for rewards" section below)

The site for the dog park, is the currently unmanaged Playing Field site on Yarmouth Road, which is 2.5 acres. 



The plan is to enclose 1 acre of grass with a 6 ft high chain-link fence. 

To avoid any chance of furbaby escapes, a smaller enclosure will be included for unleashing dogs before being released into the park, and to also be used to attach a lease before leaving the park. The gates will be spring loaded to ensure they are never left open by mistake.

If the project is found to be feasible, a list of Dog Park RULES (to be finalised by the users of the park) will be clearly displayed, and enforced by the dog park community.

The Target

This a community project, and will only progress further, if the target of £12,000 is reached in pledges in 56 days time, so do please TELL ALL YOUR DOG LOVING FRIENDS ! and also anyone else, such as dog trainers, kennels, groomers, walkers etc, as they can make a pledge in return for advertising on site 

Pledges for rewards

(Use of the dog enclosure will be free, but we are offering exclusive usage as rewards to help raise the funds to build it.)

When you make a pledge,  the money will leave your account immediately. Your money will be held in escrow until the project closes successfully. Then the money raised be transferred to the project owner. If the project doesn't close successfully (the target reached) then you will be refunded within 5 working days of the project closing. 



This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£10 or more


For those not bothered about a reward except getting a dog park!

£20 or more

Private Time x 1hr

This will secure a 1 hour private timeslot for you and your doggy friends in the dog park

£50 or more

Private Time bulk deal (3hrs)

This entitles you to 3, one hour private time slots for you and your doggy friends (You can pledge for more than one set of three time slots !)

£350 or more

Permanent advertising

This entitles you to permanently advertise your business on the boundary fence of the dog enclosure for the lifetime of the dog park. (Advertising material and installation is the responsibility of advertiser)

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