Café Meow - North West's First Cat Café

Café Meow  - North West's First Cat Café

'Café Meow' a cat café, coming soon to The North West.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

 The minds behind ‘Café Meow’:

Laura and David are young aspiring entrepreneurs (20 and 21 years of age) and devoted cat lovers. Laura has had extensive experience in cat-sitting for family and friends, whereas David grew up with a moggy named ‘Fluff’. 

Both of them took part in The Prince’s Trust Enterprise programme as they have always had an interest in business and self-employment. They have been receiving support for their idea since completing the programme in August 2015 and are now on the look out for financial support.

Laura and David both have eastern asian backgrounds (Malaysian and Filipino) and because of this, they feel they understand the concept of cat cafés fully. Cat cafés originated from Taiwan in South East Asia but were made popular in Japan in recent years. Laura once lived in Yokohama, Japan as a child and believes her passion for cats came from the acclaimed ‘Hello Kitty’.

Their recent trip to Thailand, where cat cafés were on the rise, confirmed that they should bring a little bit of The East back to The West. Please help them complete their goal and get involved in a fun and exciting business venture!


Cat Café concept:

A café where patrons pay a cover fee that goes towards the cats’ welfare. The visits usually last for an hour but at less busy times, you can usually stay for a lot longer! Patrons can kick back, relax and enjoy the feline company. We will have wifi readily available and have incentives for students (i.e. claim a free drinks with valid student ID) as we, as former students, understand the importance to keep a cool head - cats can reduce the stress of the workload! We may introduce film and book clubs too.This will be the ultimate place to chill and cure your deprivation of feline company.


Cat Café interior:

Cats and a lot of cat toys to engage yourself with! Climbing frames, rope walks, shelves, shelters and so on! The interior will be fresh looking and bright with a statement mural. We want to reflect the authenticity of cat cafés from Japan! Kitchen and café floor will be separated for hygiene reasons and there will be a double door/gate system to avoid the cats leaping out of the café.



Tasty tray bakes and a selection of tea and coffee. STUDENTS CAN CLAIM THEIR FIRST DRINK FREE WITH VALID ID!



Laura and David initially but once we expand we will be sure to employ other cat lovers


The cats:

We would like to re-home the cats from a shelter local to us. If you are a breeder or a shelter and would like to help us out, please do not hesitate to contact us!