Cafe for change

by Aaron Harris in London, England, United Kingdom

Cafe for change


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I want a social and community-focused platform which offers homeless people a chance to change their lives around.

by Aaron Harris in London, England, United Kingdom

I wish to open a café staffed by homeless people. Offering on site accommodation and a contracted term of employment which expires upon acceptance of future employment elsewhere, giving room for other homeless people to gain employment. 
I understand the great difficulty that surrounds the employment of homeless people, especially considering the associated and often incorrect stereotypes of homeless people. I have spoken to many people that live on the streets, and it is apparent that the causality has often been unavoidable and not through their own actions. One such gentleman inherited his mother's house upon her death. This house, unbeknown to him had attached debts which he was unable to pay off and so lost the house and couldn't afford repayments resulting in being on the streets. 

I have spoken with a couple charities about the current homeless situations and they have mentioned a few people that are on the streets such as that described above. It is people such as this I wish to help through a strict training scheme, whilst reinvesting profits into providing the staff with opportunities to begin curricular activities or specialist courses to gain long-term employment elsewhere. 

This café will coexist with other charities to provide specialist care and mentoring through their progress into self sustainability.


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