Let’s make Johnson the shortest serving PM ever*

by Led By Donkeys in United Kingdom

Let’s make Johnson the shortest serving PM ever*
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Chip in to expose Boris Johnson's lies across the country and stop Brexit

by Led By Donkeys in United Kingdom

It’s on. In a few short weeks we’ll be heading to an election with epic consequences. Fraudster-in-chief Boris Johnson is hoping to win a majority in Parliament so he can ram through his disastrous Brexit deal.

But Brexit will only be the beginning. We know this Tory party doesn’t love the NHS like the rest of us do. We know that Johnson’s friend Donald Trump can’t wait to get his tiny hands on our health service. And we know Boris Johnson and his hard right cabinet want to use Brexit to torch the workers’ rights and environmental protections that so many have spent decades fighting for.

It’s a terrifying prospect. But there is one searingly bright chink of light peeking through these gloomy autumnal clouds. And that is the possibility of denying Johnson a majority and making him the shortest serving Prime Minister in British history*. Anything is possible in these volatile times so let’s do all we can to make that happy thought a reality.

Here at Led By Donkeys we plan to focus on what we think we do best, delivering large-scale national interventions that expose the thermonuclear hypocrisy of Boris Johnson and his pals. But we’re also going to be doing some laser-like targeting of key constituencies that may swing this whole thing.

The strategy is straightforward: the more undecided voters who are exposed to the real Boris Johnson and his agenda, the fewer who will vote for him. Expect billboards, projections, and some bigger stuff.

We’ve been digging into the past pronouncements of Johnson and his cabinet and there’s a tonne of great material. He’s desperate to keep it in the dark so let’s come together and flick on the high beams.

As always 100% of what you see in the real world is funded through this page. If we don’t raise the money for it on here, it simply doesn’t happen.

We’re ready to chuck everything we’ve got at stopping this serial liar from winning this election. If you’re as keen as us, please chip in whatever you can afford, and encourage a friend to do the same. The stakes are high. Let’s do this. 


*ok there were a couple of people we’ve never heard of in 1827 who would beat him by a week or so but he’d still make the podium

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