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On 23rd March 2016 we successfully raised £1,250 with 19 supporters in 28 days

Help Rory raise enough to build a prototype version of his app - BuzzDose - to support his pitch to business angels in April 2016.

by r-sadler in London

New stretch target

Any additional funding will be invested in the 

BuzzDose - The App Designed To Vastly Improve The Clinical Trial Industry. 


Thank you for taking an interest in this exciting project. My name is Rory Sadler and I am the founder of BuzzDose. This is a project I am entirely passionate about and its potential amazes me, and I hope you will experience that too. This is the first stage for the app, but its potential in terms of functionability is vast. 

In order for me to take this patented idea forward, I am in need of investment to develop a prototype version of the app. This is to support my pitch to angel investors on the 1st of April. As it stands I currently have the backing and mentorship of James Balmain of Zesty - one of the hottest mHealth Startups out there at the moment. By additionally having a fully operating app with a smart design will enhance my pitch and turn the idea into reality. 

BuzzDose is the first app designed solely for Clinical Trial companies who struggle to prove their findings are 100% reliable and are at risk for providing inaccurate information. 

BuzzDose tackles this issue by putting control into the patients' hand and helps them keep track of their trial through an easy-to-navigate interface. The app has a dual function in helping people find trials they are suitable for. The app will generate data and help the Clinical Trial firms monitor their patients and their progress. BuzzDose acts as a companion to the patients over the course of the trial and as a result, improves the reliability of results as the the data will show if the drugs were taken on time or at all amongst other measures. 

You may be wondering "how does it make generate revenue?" - its simple - BuzzDose will be a subscription based service that the companies pay for on an monthly basis, which will vary depending on the amount of patients they have using the app. 

The Global Clinical Trails Industry is worth £30 billion a year, but in Britain, there is a growing need for more subjects and more reliable results - the solution? BuzzDose. 

I would therefore like to personally invite you to pledge and back my campaign and follow my journey with this mobile app. 

Many thanks - Rory Sadler 


Why Is There A Need For This Application?


Clinical Trials can use anywhere between 10 subjects and several thousand. Managing the results and data from these participants has proven to be difficult but more so, the reliability of the data is questioned on a regular basis. This is because of medication adherence - whether or not the subjects are taking the medication on time or correctly. This can impact the results of the research heavily and there is a need to administer the participants better. 


The process of testing new treatments is unusually slow in Britain. It is held up at every stage—from getting formal approval to finding the right hospital. But the biggest challenge is the time it takes to round up subjects. At present trial designers often recruit by phoning doctors they know, who will try and remember to mention the trial to their patients. It is “all quite ad hoc,” says Shaun Treweek, a researcher at Dundee University. Indeed, recruitment has not moved on much since the tuberculosis trials of the 1940s, where ten to 20 subjects were thought sufficient, and could be gathered locally and at random.

For drugs companies the delays that result are costly. The life of a patent starts as soon as a drug is discovered, and a single day’s delay getting it to market costs up to $10m. Trials have been moving to eastern Europe and China, where hurdles are fewer. Britain is thus losing its grasp on a valuable industry: the global clinical trials industry is worth £30 billion ($51 billion) a year. It is also in danger of losing research and development investment. Trials are the habitat of R&D’s most valuable workers: skilled researchers and clinicians.

BuzzDose's purpose is to tackle both of these issues and faces no current competition.  


The Team

Rory Sadler - Founder: Currently an Undergraduate at the University of Westminster studying Business Management and Entrepreneurship. With a passion in startups and new ventures, I have experience with of own - HOST London - an events company based around nightlife in London. I have taken my deep interest in entrepreneurialism and focused it towards my position as Head of Operations for the Westminster Entrepreneurial Society. In this role, I have helped put on events for students and academics with guest speakers including Piers Linney of The Dragon's Den. It has built my network extensively and improved my public speaking vastly. 

On top of my university life, I am the Marketing Manager for the events company based at Ham Polo Club. I have been with this company for 6 years and my business experience and knowledge has grown as a result. 

Aside from my work life, I absolutely love football and socialising with friends. I am a huge foodie and love trying out new restaurants! 







James Balmain (Zesty) - Mentor: Ecommerce and Internet professional with 18+ years experience leading teams in e-retail, SaaS and Internet marketing within highly competitive verticals. Proven ability to develop and implement effective and measurable strategies, drive exceptional revenue growth, build brand awareness, acquire customers, drive relevant quality traffic and improve all aspects of on-site conversion and customer retention.

Advisor and angel investor to various internet start-ups, specialising in start-up and early stage business development, growth strategy, online marketing, brand building, creative development and fund raising.Equally comfortable in both technical and e-marketing situations with a strong grasp of current internet technology, languages and enterprise ecommerce platforms.

How Will The Raised Funds Be Used?

For a prototype to be built, designs and an interface will need to be created.



Thank You For Taking An Interest In This Project And Please

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Thank you for supporting my project - each £10 donation will be entered into a prize draw to win a £20 amazon voucher.

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A personal hand written thank you note from me, Rory, to show my gratitude. And each donation will be entered into a prize draw to win a £20 amazon voucher.

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A personal thank you video and a handwritten thank for believing in my project! And each donation will be entered into a prize draw to win a £20 amazon voucher.

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In support of this project, Ruth Sadler will be offering one of her Epiphany Paintings to those who are generous enough to donate £100. These are one of a kind and incredible pieces of art.

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Entry and 2 course buffet lunch for two people this summer at Ham Polo Club courtesy of Hunt Kendall Catering Ltd.

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A surprise reward.

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