Buy The Bridge Inn and Ferry - Offenham

by Elizabeth HAZELDENE in Offenham, England, United Kingdom

Buy The Bridge Inn and Ferry - Offenham


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to save the local pub and bring it back to life

by Elizabeth HAZELDENE in Offenham, England, United Kingdom

We currently own and run a micro brewery in Offenham. We have been up and running successfully for over 3 years. The Boat Lane Brewery is  just up the road from the Bridge Inn and Ferry. We have a brewery tap at the back of our Brewery industrial unit and a pressing need to expand. If we could buy the property from EI Group, invest in  to make it amazing again, and move the brewery tap to this premises we could expand our brewery and also keep alive a local river side pub worthy of this great community.

We can provide amazing and varied food and regular events. Moorings for passing boats. Cold drinks on hot summer days and a warm pace to sup in the winter. 


Let's make 'Buy The Bridge Inn and Ferry - Offenham' happen

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