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Needing to buy my sister out of our house.

by Pickle Puff-de Huffle in Godmanchester, England, United Kingdom

Back in 2008 my sister and I brought a house together, 12 years later she has moved out and into her BF's.... and wants her money from the house. 

I work for a local animal charity where my wage just isn't big enough for lenders to take a chance on me and give me the mortgage and money I need to buy my sister out. 

I love my job and really don't want to leave. I also love my little 2 bed house and really don't want to leave. So basically, I'm trying my luck to see if I can raise £50,000 that will help buy my sister out our house whilst allowing me to continue to work at the animal charity I love and live in the home I love.

Long shot I know and I honestly feel ridiculous doing this as we all have our issues and better things to spend our hard earned cash on, but you know - don't ask, don't get and who knows if 50,000 kind-hearted souls donated jut £1 each, I'd be one happy little charity worker living my little happy life in my little happy home!

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