Buy my limited weird queer illustrated art book!

Buy my limited weird queer illustrated art book!

I'm crowdfunding to print 50 of my weird magical illustrated art book about queer / trans experience. Support the project & get your copy!

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This project is using Flexible funding and will receive all pledges made by 1:59pm 25th August 2018

This project is using Flexible funding and will receive all pledges made by 1:59pm 25th August 2018

The reason

Frustrated by the lack of trans voices in the media, I've written and illustrated a series of 33 passages, each of 333 words, that speak about life beyond the binary, life between the cracks, and the magic that resides in the spaces between things.

The illustrations

Illustrations have been created using lino print and oil paint. The book will be a paperback, about the size of a classic orange-spined Penguin book, and will be printed on recycled paper with the illustrations on tracing paper using black and white ink, allowing for text behind the illustrations to be hidden and revealed. You can get a better idea with some photos of the dummy and a good description here; you can see some of the illustrations on my Instagram account here

The aim of the book is to illustrate, playfully, seriously and with dark humour, what it is for me to exist as a non-binary trans person.

What you get

I've set up this crowdfunder so I can create 50 copies of the book. You can buy a copy as your reward, and/or you can buy a print from me. The text pages, illustrations and cover will all be printed by a professional environmentally-concerned local printer, and I will be sewing and binding the books by hand. This is a limited-edition art book and I will only be making 50 copies, each of which will be numbered and signed.

Other rewards

There's the book, but you can also buy limited-edition prints. I have 3 designs available at the moment and will probably add more. I can't seem to show pictures of them in the reward boxes but they are:

Owl in red


Owl in blue


Cake and Wine (this is the plate: image is yet to be printed in black & will be mirrored)

What your money supports

The funds raised will pay for the printing, binding materials, and will pay my rent and bills for the couple of weeks it will take me to make them. The books will be completed and sent out by the end of November 2018 and postage is included in the price.

Please note that if you are a highest-level supporter of my Patreon you will already be receiving a copy as part of your reward for that, however you are more than welcome to buy more copies through here if you wish.

40 copies are available to buy here (the other 10 go to my Patrons). I will be aiming to get the book published commercially but it is unlikely to be as beautifully produced as these hand-made copies will be.

thank you! :D

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