Buy Fairtrade footballs for schools and clubs

Buy Fairtrade footballs for schools and clubs

To promote and buy Fairtrade footballs for schools and clubs, supportung local and Sialkot football stitching communities through Fairtrade

We did it!

On 14th Jul 2017 we successfully raised £10 with 1 supporter in 56 days

Unfairness in Football ruins games, even seasons, but unfair trade ruins lives. I started this campaign as a football fan who wants to make a difference, supportung local and Sialkot football stitching communities hoping to put fairness back into the game we love. 

In a multi billion pound industry it's important to remember those who make the game possible....the football stitchers.

Stitchers hand stitch around 5 footballs a day, it's hard on the eyes and paying for every day things for the family can be tough.

Fairtrade football stitchers are guaranteed a fairer deal. Fair wages, safe working conditions with no forced or child labour.  

More then this, every time you buy a Fairtrade football extra money called the Fairtrade Premium is paid. This money goes to buy items for the workers and their communities.

Decided by the local Fairtrade Premium Committee, so far a free eye clinic and bus transport for workers, free school equipment and a fair price shop have been set up. Plus, a water filtration system for the whole community has been built. All this because we have bought Fairtrade footballs!

I go into schools, visit and support grass roots clubs and partner with professional football clubs and organisations as a volunteer to promote Fairtrade. I support the local community by holding workshops, leading assemblies and more....all on a voluntary basis.

I am now a qualified FAW coaching level 1 Football Leaders and use these skills to support the local community.

With your help I can buy Fairtrade footballs for schools, clubs and organisations, and have the chance to encourage professional clubs to sell Fairtrade footballs in their club shops and Community projects, helping to raise the profile of Fairtrade football too.

On my own I can make some changes, with your help this will vastly improve.  The power to transform lives is in our hands....together we can make a difference! 

Facebook Group Stokieshazer's Fair Trade In Football Campaign 

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