Buy a matatu for Lunahome!

Buy a matatu for Lunahome!

Our aim is to buy a matatu for Lunahome. Lunahome is a childrens home in Mombasa, Kenya. The matatu will be used to take the children to school in the morning and pick them up from school. It will be used when buying fruit and vegetables from the market and buying foodstuff for the home such as beans, rice, pojo and flour. When the matatu is not needed by the home, the aim is to have it on the road earning money for the home to help us achieve our sustainable goals.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Lunahome is a childrens home in Mombasa, Kenya. Lunahome currently provides a home for 27 children and employs 6 staff including a social worker.

Lunahome sends 19 children to school with 3 more due to start the next school year in January. Currently the children make their way to school using the school bus. Classes start at 6am and given that some of the children attending school are below 5, they are unable to walk. It is too far. The children come home from school at 5 and so they would have to be up very early if they were to walk - they would have to go to bed earlier and there would not be enough time for them to eat their supper, fit in their homework and shower before bed. The transport is however very expensive.

School uniform

Some of the children in their PE Kit!

Where the home is currently located, there is not enough space to grow many crops so we buy our fruit and vegetables from the market on a weekly basis. We also buy other foodstuff such as rice, beans, po jo on a weekly basis. We pay for a tuk tuk to transport out food home.

Some of the fruit and vegetables included in our weekly shop

A weeks worth of fruit and veg!

If the children need to go to the local clinic, we also use tuk tuks. However it can be very problematic if a child needs to get hospital at night time as it is very difficult getting a vehicle at that time and when the babies go for their vaccinations, it can be very cold for them during the rainy season as the tuk tuk is open.

Baby Joyce

We are therefore launching this project in order to raise money to purchase a vehicle so as to save costs and to make things easier and more accessible for the children. 

We plan to have the vehicle operating as a matatu during the day time so as to generate income for the home and continue to help in our quest to become increasingly sustainable and self-sufficient. By the time the nessecary insurance has been paid and a driver and a conductor have been paid, the home can hope to make around 25 pound a day. Weekly services will cost around 40 pound. This will help us continue to invest in self-sustaining projects! 

A matatu - please note not the specific one we are hoping to buy

A matatu


Please see examples of some of the beaded flip flops and paintings that will make up the rewards.

Canvas painting