Buy a cow for Lunahome!

by lunahome-mombasa-kenya in London

Buy a cow for Lunahome!
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Our aim is to buy an incalf (a pregnant cow) for Lunahome so that the children are able to have more milk. Milk is very expensive in Kenya. The target also includes the cost of a vet and construction of a shelter for the cow.

by lunahome-mombasa-kenya in London

Buying a cow for Lunahome, Mombasa, Kenya!

Lunahome is a childrens home in Mombasa, Kenya. It provides a home for 26 children ranging from the ages 4 months to 13 years and provides employment to 6 staff members.
Milk is very expensive in Kenya so the children do not get as much milk as the home would like to give them.

The home began breeding goats as a cow was unaffordable; the idea was the income generated from breeding goats would be used to buy a cow but this will take an awfully long time due to the high price of a high milk producing cow and the amount of goats the home has. The home is also succesfully looking after chickens.

Goats are great for the children to eat and to sell and the eggs are also eaten by the children and sold but the income generated by this alone will not sustain the home. Milk is very expensive in Kenya so selling milk could provide an income in addition to providing nutrition for the children and the sale of a calf or the resale of the initial cow in years to come will also generate more money for the home to invest in other sustainable projects.

The children in the home often particpate in street feeding programs whereby food is taken and given to children on the street. It will be nice to also to provide milk to these children.
As well as making profit by selling milk and calfs, the home intends to sell calfs to other children homes at a cheap price so they are in a position to buy them otherwise they are cut off from buying a healthy cow.

In order to ensure that the cow that is purchased will be of real benefit to the home, it will be checked over by a vet to ensure it is free of any diseases and an incalf will be purchased. The home intends to buy a jersey cow. Jerseys cows are usually smaller which is better for the home when they are at their current location - they are hoping to purchase land to rear animals and grow crops in the nearby future. A smaller cow is also better as they require less feed and are more manageable. A cow which is pregnant for the first time will be sourced. This will be a better investment for the home.

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