Buy a Ball For Isaac

To buy a ball pool for Isaac's sensory room to help him fulfil his need for deep pressure and release his energy.

We did it!

On 10th Oct 2014 we successfully raised £1,535 of £500 target with 54 supporters in 42 days

New stretch target

Our new Stretch Target is £1,500 and will help up to fund additional sensory equipment for Isaacs sensory room


What will I use the extra money for?

We will use the extra money to buy a bubble tube and soft play accessories for Isaac. He loves the atmosphere that the bubble tube creates in the room and loves watching the bubbles and the colours change. He likes holding the bubble tube to.  He loves stacking soft play blocks and knocking them down. We have found some with numbers on which he will love as Isaac loves numbers. At school he loves the mirrored tunnel and the padded walls and we would love to be able to buy him similar things for his sensory room.

Thank you!

Meet Isaac...

Isaac has severe autism and SPD. He is five years old and lives at home with his three siblings and parents. He attends a special needs school.

Due to his disability he requires considerable sensory input. We have recently converted our garage into a space for Isaac to have a sensory room. Friends and family have pulled together to get this room ready for Isaac, but now we need help to purchase some of the bigger items that will ensure Isaac's needs are met. We are asking for help from crowdfunding to raise enough money for a ball pool for his room.

Our idea is that people "buy a ball for Isaac".  Each ball would be £3.50 and people can buy as many balls as they would like. His school and therapists have stated that Isaac gets a great deal of benefit from the ball pool in their setting and often goes there to calm down. This ball pool will not only benefit Isaac but it will help the entire family.

Thank you for your support, please pledge and help us to spread the word!

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