Ugandan Youth Modernising Traditional Culture

Ugandan Youth Modernising Traditional Culture

Young changemakers preserving and evolving rural artistic culture in Northern Uganda, through video

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Project aim

Young changemakers preserving and evolving rural artistic culture in Northern Uganda, through video

About the project

Most rural communities lack the technical knowhow to capitalise on the rich history of traditional culture, stories, dance and drama, that have been handed down over the centuries.

This project will encourage local youth to capture their own stories and write them up at our local rural training centre, using video, photography and learning typing to record stories on a specially-made Northern Uganda web-site.

The project is planned to take place this August holiday. A lists of different activites that have been built around the theme of Modernising Traditional Culture have been arranged by a team of five Butterfly members who are residents of Koro Village. We would like to run Drama, traditional songs and dances, folktales and storry telling, Traditions/Cilture Quiz and ICT - how to incoorperate ICT in developing culture and traditions and many more.

We believe that the Children and the community shall benefit from these programmes. They will gain confidence and Public speaking ability through Drama, enable them to discover their talents and potentials through participating in the various activities, help them to  them to associate and join hands in developing their society. To be honest, there will a number of more advantages to the community and the Children.

The activity will be youth-led, managed by Charles Obuk of the Butterfly Project in Uganda, a young man of 18, who has already established libraries into his own remote area of rural Kitgum, determined to help children in these rural places compete with their urban counterparts.

The Butterfly Project teaches capable, though disadvantaged teenagers in Uganda to become social entrepreneurs, able to create change in their communities.

We have been there in Koro with different projects, this time with new ideas and projects. Koro is above 200km away from Kampala. We would be happy if you extend your supports toward this project, to finance the trips and the different activities.

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