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Butterfly Space - Community Projects Malawi

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We did it!

On 18th Nov 2016 we successfully raised £2,750 with 69 supporters in 56 days

Hi, my name is Josie. I am the co owner of a small charity in Malawi called Butterfly Space (Reg’d Charity no 1148162) and for the previous ten years I have been involved in numerous community projects in Malawi with my main focus on environmental projects. 

So far we have done small scale fundraising for all the projects we have initiated, including a bicycle ride the length of Lake Malawi! We have wanted to keep the fundraising low-key so as not to over commit before we have the right things and people in place on the ground. This last year many of our projects have started to link together and grow and for the first time we feel there is the need to try and raise a larger amount so that we can realise the potential. 

For the past year we have been working with the pupils and teachers at Mkondezi primary school about the principles and practises of permaculture, and there have been live weekly sessions up there, where we have made huge progress. More pupils have joined in, as have parents, more teachers and other members of the community. There was so much progress and interest that in May we held an open day to highlight their good work. 

Numerous schools and Government officials since signed up for a further programme and as we speak there is a week-long training being held at Butterfly Space.  We will assist them with lesson plans and resources throughout the coming school year. 

At Mkondezi School then we are looking to expand in a two ways; 

There are over a thousand children at the school and while a school feeding programme was initiated, it hasn’t been maintained. We are looking to link with Garden 2 Mouth (link) and acquire a hectare of land for the schools use to grow nutritionally sound food using permaculture principles. This food would go straight into the school-feeding programme. Garden 2 Mouth have done an enormous amount of research into the programme and developed clear guidelines which once set up would not only provide amazing nutritional meals for all the kids at the primary school but will also set up a useful outdoor classroom for agriculture and nutritional ideas. 

One thing that would be essential would be a drip irrigation system and we have developed links with the University of Mzuzu in the North of Malawi to assist us in this aim.

Secondly, on-site there are two good strong buildings, which used to be a home economics lab and carpentry workshop, but have fallen into disrepair. It would be brilliant to renovate these spaces so that nutritional lessons can start once again and with other links made both within Malawi and outside to get more vocational training’s happening there for both the girls and boys.

What the money will be spent on; 

* Resources for the schools signed up for the permaculture project. 5 schools in total and this will be items like fruit trees, gardening tools, books and resources.

* Some more substantial infrastructure for the hectare of land including the drip irrigation kit 

* Wages for two gardeners on site at Mkondezi to look after the planting schedule at the school. 

* Renovating the Home Economics and Carpentry workshops at Mkondezi School. 


Thank you card and mention on the Facebook page. 

Free accommodation at Butterfly Lodge in lakeside accommodation


Please visit us for imformation on all our other projects. http://www.butterflyspacemalawi.com

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