Buttafly - for Yoga & Your Back

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Buttafly - for Yoga & Your Back

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Our customers love the Buttafly! Now we want even more people to reap the rewards of a safe yoga practice, good posture & a healthy spine.

Ergonomic Support for Sitting

The Buttafly complements the shape of the pelvis

It can be used independently on the floor for cross-legged sitting e.g. for yoga and Pilates, or on a chair to help with postural correction and core strengthening exercises. 

Ergonomically designed by a physiotherapist and yoga teacher the Buttafly provides the ideal support to make it easy to sit comfortably and with good posture.       

1598454356_copy_of_untitled.pngThe surface is fairly firm making it suitable for postural rehabilitation and balance exercises. Unlike a cushion, lumbar roll, or other back support, the Buttafly does not do the work for you and so helps you develop postural tone.

A Versatile Fitness Block

For Yoga, Pilates, Stretching Routines & Home Exercises

There are many situations where using a suitable block enables us to achieve a pose or stretch that would otherwise be uncomfortable or too challenging. The Buttafly offers exciting new ways to come into a wide range of traditional positions.

The wedged shape and fluid curves of the Buttafly are designed to meet the body, to provide greater comfort, accessibility, and stability in may different positions and poses.





Buttafly for Back Pain 

A Chance Discovery

The ability for the Buttafly to facilitate a curative release of the spine came about by chance when I was trying to find a way to lie down comfortably on my back. A fracture at the base of the spine in 2005 left me with a bony nodule that was painful to lie on. Experimenting with the Buttafly, I found a way I could lie down comfortably, and moreover, afterward, I found that my spine had realigned itself. It seemed too good to be true and I assumed it was a fluke but repeat episodes proved otherwise. 

Now, many customers who were drawn to the Buttafly as a yoga prop have experienced relief from chronic back and pelvic pain.

The unique way the Buttafly both supports the body while off-loading the base of the spine facilitates an "unwinding" of the spine by its own accord.  The principle of eliminating gravity is not new - yoga slings are very popular these days, and inversion tables and gravity boots have been used for a long time. In physical therapy, traction beds have long been used to treat back pain and sciatica. 

Customer Feedback 

Orthopaedic consultant, osteopath and Chief Medical Officer of GB Rowing, Dr. Ann Redgrave gives her account of the Buttafly Effect.

Yoga & Pilates teacher Jamie Elmer uses the Buttafly daily for herself and her clients, "I can't recommend the Buttafly enough," she says.

“The specific sacral release posture in lying with the Buttafly gave a significant sense of grounded-ness and aided in deep relaxation methods for me and others... Thank you for your hard work and determination bringing this to the market - it’s very much needed.” Carl Simmons, facilitator of relaxation and meditation

"Almost immediately I could feel something quite powerful was happening. There was a pronounced realignment of my spine and more than one person commented on the immediate change in my posture." Nick Edge, yoga teacher

"For someone such as me with a strong and healthy back and daily meditation practice for almost 15 years it can be easy to forget just how difficult it can be for those new to meditation to sit comfortably with a straight spine. Recently when full of cold and physically exhausted, I sat to meditate on my usual cushion. I found myself constantly slouching, my focus was repeatedly drawn away from my practice to my body so I reached for the Buttafly and sat on that. I immediately found my spine erect, my breath flowed freely from the openness my ribs had and my sacrum and tailbone felt almost as they were floating. This is not just another yoga gimmick, I truly believe that the Buttafly can enhance a meditation practice for both beginners and experienced practitioners." James Chapman, yoga therapist, Triyoga, London

"TillyLou's surprisingly simple but effective new 'body tool' has many different uses. Some of our students love it to ease out back pain. My favourite position is resting my pelvis on it - this allows the tightness in my groins to slowly release which enables the stretching out of old scar tissue from deep and invasive surgery long ago on my spine. This gives release for my posture to fly." Angela Farmer, international yoga teacher & author of Feminine Unfolding

"I was suffering from lower back pain and had been for some considerable time. The pain, at times, meant moving was a real discomfort. I spent a session with TillyLou and purchased a Buttafly. My back was in pain on a Friday, by the following Monday it was gone. I used the Buttafly, as directed, for the entire weekend. My back pain has not returned. This was in October 2019. I write this recommendation in March 2020. I can’t express how impressive and permanent the Buttafly’s effects have been." Benjamin Dennehy, "UK's most hated sales trainer"

"With the Buttafly, however, I am finding not only that I am able to sit cross-legged but I am loving sitting cross-legged – the front of the hip crease finally getting the release it has been calling for all these years!"  Xulia Duran-Rodriquez, yoga teacher

“The Buttafly is simple, effective, and versatile. It goes to the Yoga class with me and helps me with the most basic of poses such as sitting in alignment and opening my chest and shoulders. I'm a habitual sloucher and so it comes as no surprise that I have lower back pain – the Buttafly is super effective at relieving it.  I think my Buttafly blocks are brilliant and they are backed up by a great teacher in TillyLou. Thank you.”  Ted Walker, a retired fireman, Berkshire

“The Buttafly is truly amazing. I suffer from chronic lower back pain and within a day of using it, it helped me a lot. I will definitely be using it daily.” Kasia Kowalska-Trela, yoga student

"This product is 100% my favourite purchase from the Om Yoga Show! I currently suffer from chronic lower back pain... The difference when I tried it the first time was incredible. The pain I usually experience is constant but when I was lying on the Buttafly, allowing my spine to re-align, it disappeared! It allowed my overworked muscle to release tension and let my back flatten totally to the mat after 5 minutes of use. TillyLou was also lovely and very honest & helpful - so refreshing when searching for a cure!” Katie Cornish, yoga teacher

“I use the Buttafly in the supine position to get deep relaxation of the hip flexors. So effective is the release that tears flowed the very first time I tried it. As a Thai Massage Practitioner, I take my Buttafly everywhere I go, it’s invaluable.”  Ernest Bryden, Thai Massage Therapist

“I take my Buttafly with me everywhere I go! I don’t care if I forget my toothbrush – I can always buy another! But my Buttafly is special – as soon as I reach my hotel, I refresh myself by lying down with it tucked under my pelvis and just love the feeling of my spine unraveling!” Ingvild S Prestegard, Dru yoga teacher

“An amazing prop. I use it all the time and bring it with me when I travel! Just love it!” Marija Kovandzic, yoga teacher

“My friend and I attended one of TillyLou’s sessions at the London Yoga Show in October and were so impressed we immediately bought a standard Buttafly each….Since using it regularly my long-standing sacroiliac pain has disappeared so I am a great enthusiast, thank you!” Jacqui Matthews, yoga student

Video Testimonials

"I'm blown away by the Buttafly Effect" Tracey Mellor, yoga & Pilates teacher 

"The Buttafly - better than a back roll!" Chris, Gloucestershire

"The Buttafly has changed my life - back pain, gone!" Kat, Relax Kids teacher

"Unbelievable!" David, a retired psychologist recovering from spinal surgery

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