Jamie's road to recovery

Jamie's road to recovery

Showing Jamie that everyone can get by with a little help from their friends!

We did it!

On 20th Oct 2015 we successfully raised £750 of £720 target with 30 supporters in 28 days


Showing Jamie that everyone can get by with a little help from their friends!

About Jamie

For those of you who don't know although i suspect if you have taken the time to read this you will already know this part! Jamie is a twenty six year old from Burton who is partner to the wonderful smiley and supportive Holly and step dad to the little dude Riley shown in the picture. He worked as a qualified electrician for years and lived life like any other guy in his early twenties enjoying life and making the most of each day. He was a regular guy who attended the gym and took parts in usual physical activities having a keen interest in mountain biking and various other sports that was until his diagnose which leads me on to the next section......

The Issue

So late in May 2014 Jamie was diagnosed with Me (also known as chronic fatigue syndrome)  this was unexpected and took him and everyone  by surprise, because of this he had to stop working. The NHS currently don't believe the illness can be treated and there advice was to just sit and wait (although this is totally untrue). As i am sure you will agree life is to short to sit around with your fingers crossed hoping for signs of improvement so Jamie took things into his own hands and investigated a number of options that following accounts from other sufferers were shown to work. 

for more info on what exactly is ME and to gain a better understanding i have provided some links below 



If you wish to contact Jamie to discuss the issue with him personally which is understandable we are asking you to part with your hard earned cash! please feel free to do so via facebook 

The answer 

In May 2015 Jamie came across The Optimum Health Clinic which specialise in ME using a nutritional approach, which includes a total change in diet and natural supplements  (and contrary to what the constant Facebook updates would have you believe it wasn't in the shape of Juice + for £30 a month! ) he decided to give it a go and since then has been closely following the requests of his nutritionist and taking the prescribed supplements which have gone on to prove there worth. Since beginning the treatment Jamie's health has improved and he is now able to carry out very basic part time work but this is no where near sufficient to cover the cost of living and the treatment plan he requires. 

The request 

So the hard bit (although i am hoping you guys are going to help me prove that people are willing to help when they can) after chatting at length to Jamie about options and a route for him to be able to avoid overworking and taking huge steps backwards in his recovery yet enabling him to continue on the treatment we came up with a game plan :- At Jamie's current recovery speed he estimates within three months he should be at a level of health that he can begin to work enough hours safely to cover his own treatment costs and obviously this is his goal right now but in the mean time we have added up and worked out the exact cost of the treatment and supplements to cover him and relieve the pressure he is currently under. The total estimated cost for this period is £720.00 which on the scale of charity is not a huge amount but its the minimum amount he can get by with and if achieved will help him out hugely and hopefully speed his recovery so he can reach 80/90% health again and in turn change your lightbulbs for free for the rest of your life.......

*please not as much as Jamie would like to change your lightbulbs this is no viable and was a JOKE although i am happy to do this for a reasonable monthly cost please contact me for further details ;) 

Now i could be really silly hear and take you all for idiots by pointing out how if just 144 of you put in £5 or 720 of you put in £1 his goals will be reached but in reality nobody is that stupid to not understand this and what counts is you put in what you can. He fully understands everyone has their own problems and issues and for what ever reason you may be unable to make a donation but we are just asking if you can please do give what ever you are comfortable to give it all adds up and will help him reach goal. 


Thank you from Jamie and his family and my self for at least taking the time to read this as previously mentioned please do not hesitate to contact either my self (Tom Rushby) or Jamie Butler for further details 

**All money goes directly to Jamie and he is more than happy to provide receipts if required ** 




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