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A documentary film about society's attitudes towards the child-free

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Project aim

A documentary film about society's attitudes towards the child-free

About the project

My aim is to fund a film about attitudes in society towards those you don't have children, or who don't want children. It is the major project of my PhD in visual anthropology at Sussex University, which I would like to begin in January 2016.

I already have MAs in social anthropology and documentary filmmaking, and I want to combine the two into a project that looks at the reasons that many people are uncomfortable with the fact that some women have chosen not to have children, but still get a hard time from people who can or will not accept it.

My PhD will conisist of a documentary film that takes a group of subjects, and examines the reactions from partners, lovers, friends, family members, colleagues, community or religious or spiritual leaders, etc, to try to build a picture of what it is about women remaining deciding to remain child-free that remains difficult for many people to accept.

I have already interviewed a group of friends and found that they were very keen to engage with the idea, and all had very specific reactions; this sparked off a lively debate that gave me the idea to apply to do this as an academic project. I did initial research, applied for the place, got it - but then ran out of money.

This campaign is to fund the fees and basic costs for the first year of my research degree. If I fail to raise enough to pay my fees at Sussex, I will use the money raised to make the film regardless.

You can see my documentary film, Becoming Penny, which has been shown at film festivals in Britain, at Gayfest Bucharest, Romania in 2012, has been used at an awareness-raising session on issues facing transgender people for the Samaritans, and has been the subject of visiting lectures at Sussex University and Bournemouth Arts University, here: https://vimeo.com/64875374

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