Busy Bee's Recipes

Busy Bee's Recipes

A recipe website which donates 20% of it's profits to food charities around the world in an ongoing effort to stop food poverty.

We did it!

On 27th Aug 2015 we successfully raised £40 with 2 supporters in 56 days

Project aim

A recipe website which donates 20% of it's profits to food charities around the world in an ongoing effort to stop food poverty.

About the project

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to have breakfast, lunch and dinner. No matter where you’re from, your background or financial status. We donate 20% of our profits to food charities around the world, this is part of our on-going mission to stop poverty. You can find the current charities we work with and donate to as well as the percentage they each receive by clicking here. We hope to raise this to 40% by 2016, but this deeply depends on the sites popularity, content and features. We use advertisments to generate revenue, like most sites, but these depend on users. So if you have little users, it means little profits, which in turn for us means little donations to charities (we never go below 20%) which is not what we want, espcially as we hope to raise it to 40%. Below are the ways in which your money will be used to make Busy Bee's Recipes even better:

Research into Recipes

From families & students on a budget, to a night when you want a luxurious feast. We will be researching and creating over 50 new recipes for the site.


We would like to expand Busy Bee's Recipes, as the more users we have, the more revenue the site will generate for our selected charities.

Web Hosting

This will contribute to our web hosting bill over the next 5 months to help keep Busy Bee's Recipes active until it becomes self sufficient.

Further Development of the Site 

We would like to futher develop the site to bring new and exciting features. Such as a recipe feed of all the recipes uploaded by cooks that you have followed, a meal planner, the ability to follow other cooks, a way to add ingredients from a recipe straight into your selected onlilne supermarket and much more.


We're a very small team and have used up our entire budget for the site (which was from our own money anyway), with families and jobs it's becoming ever more impossible to keep our dream going, and it hasn't even really started yet, so any contributions you can make will be very much apprciated!

If you'd like any more information on the project, how to get involved, or you just fancy getting to know us, feel free to email staff@busybeesrecipes.com

Thank you :)

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