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BusineVersity International Group is a well- and innovatively-screwed-together business concept whereby all businesses within the group have synergies with all the others.

The core idea behind BusineVersity International Group is in helping others to succeed.  We have a plan which, when followed through to its conclusion in diligence, cannot fail, because it draws on the laws of the Universe to achieve whatever goal our clients desire.  This is emphatically not pie-in-the-sky idealism: it's been proven through its many proponents and through scientific study (mostly quantum physics, but also psychology and other branches).  The problem with it is that it's sometimes difficult to go from knowledge to understanding of it, and that's where we come in.  Through our BusineVersity Business University, we are able to empower businesses to achieve exactly what they wish to achieve, even though, sometimes, they may have thought it impossible, and we would like your help to make that a reality.

As for the group:

It all starts with the arts.  This is an area of activity which, although not strictly necessary in terms of the hierarchy of needs, is nevertheless crucial in the development of ideas: the arts, as I always say, is the soil within which the seeds of creativity flourish.  Currently I am painting and writing a novel, but I can also compose music and sculpt as the need arises, as well as expanding my artistic repertoire to cover almost any eventuality.  But all done in the best possible taste, you understand...

The creativity engendered by the arts finds a surprising, but entirely logical, home in management consultancy.  Of course, management consultants have to know their stuff, as do I, but when knowing your stuff means you know the same stuff as every other management consultant, then you don't get to develop the unique selling point we all keep telling ourselves we need.  By adding creativity to the mix, we're adding value to the client by helping him not so much think outside the box, but to put the box in a water-tank and make papier mache bridges out of it - bridges which will position him far beyond the reach of businesses who rely on good old Messrs Boring, Samey and Repeat.  If there's anything the client requires which can better be handled outside our specialities, we have a network of contacts which can provide excellent service.  These, then, are all project managed so as to provide a "best-of-the-best" experience, meaning the client can achieve whatever he wants to achieve with exactly the help required.  Not only that, but our philosophy provides for one of the most sure-fire paths to success ever devised - the key to the subconscious - which we can show anyone how to access.

For more information, read my article at "Do You Feel Lucky?"

The third of BusineVersity International Group's businesses is the source of the network of contacts, and it is this, perhaps, which is the power behind the Group.  This business is called BusineVersity.com, and its main purpose is to help businesses by putting buyers and sellers together.  We have a great number of clients, which increases by turns, and these clients we endeavour to find customers for in whatever capacity in whichever place specified.  It is this we need the crowd-funding for for, essentially, to be the ambassador for so many clients and to present them to potential customers, we need to be on top of our game.  Whilst we are able to hold our own in our current capacity, progress is frustratingly slow when clients don't wish to pay or do contrary to the spirit of the agreement, and there is so much more that is possible with correct presentation, both in terms of dress, of literature and of transportation.  Of course, this will also inevitably leverage the "secret weapon": the scheme whereby we multiply our efforts on a principle similar to crowd-funding.  This entails us paying helpers half our commissions, of course, but it empowers people to earn money without having to pay for the priviledge.  Additionally, if the person who wants the item sells it to himself, then he's earned a discount equal to half our commission, so they get a discount which they can rationalise rather than worrying that it occurs for any nefarious reason.

The fourth business is the Voice of Albion.  This is a news journal predicated on facts.  There are two main reasons why we have a news journal in the Group: firstly, it is highly prestigious to have an influential voice and, whilst the Voice of Albion isn't exactly a household name presently, it shall be soon enough.  The second reason is purely practical: to back our recommendations we can print articles which could back the claims we make for the product or service our client is having us sell, thus creating a virtuous circle where we are able to vouch for the product or service and, in its practical end-use, the customer finding our words to be true would invest more trust into the Voice of Albion and, thus, bring more clients in.

The items we need include:

Fitted clothing projecting a successful and businesslike image: £10 - 15,000

Website redesign: £5,000 - 10,000

Business Cards: £500 - 1,000

Vehicle: £10,000 - 15,000

Working capital for networking etc: £5000

The costs are necessarily high, because we are in a highly visible, image-conscious industry.  We will, of course, work within the constraints of what we have, but the more we can accrue the better it will be for all concerned.

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