Help Make A Dream Become A Reality

by Jack in Leeds, England, United Kingdom

Help Make A Dream Become A Reality


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by Jack in Leeds, England, United Kingdom


Before we go through the details of the new venture please read my story below. 

The global COVID-19 pandemic has created a very uncertain landscape for millions of British small businesses, mine being one of them. I currently own a successful marketing agency in the UK and currently in need of some final financial support so I can spread my wings and finally get a new project up and running. 

At the end of 2019, I set myself a challenge for 2020 which was to launch a BRAND NEW premium unisex clothing line in the UK with WORLDWIDE access. Having successfully helped many clothing & retail brands throughout 2019 via social media marketing & the use of my celebrity clients, I realised it was time to start my own venture in the clothing world and do something that would completely stand out from the rest. 

My new idea/goal came at the wrong time.... in March 2019 COVID19 hit us hard in the UK, many businesses forced to shut down leaving a state of uncertainty for everyone. The work & the budget I had set aside for the new venture came to a halt, I had to utilise my budget in other ways meaning my goal of 2020 was all but over before it had even started. 

Like many businesses I turned to the Government for help, now unfortunately due to me operating as a sole trader until August 2020 I was ineligible for any kind of financial help. With my partner heavily pregnant and lots of business uncertainty in the air I realised it was time to become a Limited company so that the financial stress would be relieved from myself. 

We were then hit by the second wave of COVID19 LOCKDOWN, again I turned to the government for financial help but due to the dates & transition period of becoming a Limited company the government were again unable to offer me any form of financial support.  Confusingly even though I was trading before March 2020 due to not being registered as Limited by March 2020 that some how makes me ineligible for any form of financial COVID19 support. I sat for hours on the phone speaking with various people about support grants, business loans etc. Now and again they'd find something that may fit my criteria but then some how I'd miss out marginally on the criteria. 

At this point having explored all options regarding business loans/grants to get me back on track the final question I was asked was "have you considered looking at a personal loan"?

As it stands the only financial support I can look at is a personal loan to fund my expansion & keep my current business in operation even though I am a limited company with trading history before COVID19 . Having then questioned my bank about a business loan and several other lenders about why it had to be a personal loan and not a business loan and I was told that due to current climate business loans are hard to obtain unless you fit into the COVID19 criteria because at the minute banks are prioritising these types customers so the quickest option if you don't meet the criteria is to look at a personal loan. All I could then think of was what about me? What about businesses that are being affected but don't fall into the COVID19 criteria. Why do I have to put my 2020 GOAL on hold because I can’t gain access to any financial help. I guess the answer is simple these businesses are the ones left to suffer and close OR left to LOOK AT A PERSONAL LOAN to FUND THEIR LIMITED COMPANY.  

At this point I gave up trying to get help, time and time again they told me I wasn't eligible for a business grant/loan but could be eligible for a personal loan. I thought becoming a limited business was to relieve the financial stress not put it back on you. I have a 16 week old baby and a family to look after, bills to pay etc so its frankly quite simple that a personal loan to fund the business isn't an option. 

After sitting and thinking for hours and hours about what they'd said time and time again I couldn't get out of my mind that they were basically telling me to take a personal loan out to keep my business operational and to fund my expansion and all I could see was I had new born baby and a family to feed so the goal I'd set myself for 2020 was the least of my priority. For those who don't know this if I was to take a personal loan out to fund my business and something was the happen to my further business down the line i.e closure etc I would be left with a loan under my name, leaving myself with the debt and potentially at risk of financial difficulty. 

So here I am on CrowdFund my last resort of getting some financial support to help get this venture off the ground.   

Here's to MY 2021 GOAL!!

I now need your support to get my new venture off the ground. I can't publicly share details of the brand name etc yet but what I can tell you is the brand is a premium unisex line with a vast amount of exclusivity. I have access to one of the worlds leading manufacturers working with brands as big as Adidas, Zara and many more. 

My promise to you, if you buy one of my reward packages at £25.00 to support my venture you will receive triple your money back on a voucher when I launch in 2021. 

Thank you again for reading my story and choosing to support me and my new venture. 

#StayHungry = #BetterLife 


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