Local Gaming Arcade & Cafe

by David Graham in Livingston, Scotland, United Kingdom

Local Gaming Arcade & Cafe
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

My aim is to create a place for people to relax with friends, play games either console or otherwise and enjoy healthy local food and drink.

by David Graham in Livingston, Scotland, United Kingdom

I have been an avid gamer all my life and feel that something is missing currently: the old days of the arcade! Where groups of people would gather regularly just to hang out in a safe environment and spend time with their favourite people whilst playing their favourite games. With that, i appreciate this is an entirely different generation! My vision is to create something new, to include current console gaming, wifi hotspots, trading card games, board games and much much more! The possibilities are endless! Take all of that and mix in healthy fresh food and drinks and right there is my vision. The money raised would be the foundation upon which to build the vision, location and renovation costs, etc. Having this money behind me would allow me to present a business plan to a bank and show that I have capital to put up, this would then allow me to get any further funding from a business loan. Essentially this funding would be the seed to allow this vision to grow into reality.

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