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We all used to love woolies, the high street needs a revamp and my idea is simple to bring back a nationally loved retail experience

by Martin stott in Liverpool, England, United Kingdom

Hello world,

I’m Martin nice to meet you all.Like most people out there I hold down a full time 9-5 job, and like so many people out there I’d like to start my own business something that helps others in the community and the rest of the country.

So I’m on here to ask for help and trust me I don’t do that often.

My proposed business plan is done, I’m at the stage where I need to secure domain names, trade marks and copyright on names of product that the new company would need. And generally all the costs of setting up the new business and legal costs deposits on business premises etc.

It will take another 6-12 months to go live and the plan proposes to employ over 60,000.

Everyone out there has some kind of dream, well this is mine.I am aiming to raise £120,000 this is just the start of what I would need, bank business loans would also be needed.

People in 1973 thought another company was mad to open 17 stores one Saturday morning, people thought that it would fail, in fact this certain company is still going today.

It can be achieved nothing is impossible.

Whilst setting up and getting the business started I would indeed still be working full time.

Thanks for taking the time to read and hopefully donate.

It’s much appreciated.


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