Business start up with FMAUK charity contribution

by Craig Barton in Aldershot, England, United Kingdom

Business start up with FMAUK charity contribution
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

To fund a start up business which will provide me with a sustainable income. I will donate a percentage of profit to FMA UK.

by Craig Barton in Aldershot, England, United Kingdom

I'm looking to create a revolutionary business where vehicle owners and members of the service have the ability to rent out their personal vehicles with confidence and safety for a purpose to get it from A to B (without being able to drive it themselves) or to earn extra income in times when the vehicle is not used. The reverse of this is that the renting member has access to a vehicle at very low cost and a *refundable deposit. This could in turn reduce the number of vehicles on the road and revolutionise how responsible drivers (non vehicle owners, families, holiday goers or social drivers) travel across the UK and potentially internationally.

This project / business is in its infancy and I need the money to explore how to develop and progress. I will donate a percentage of all profits to FMA UK which is a cause close to me and I will donate 10% of this fund to FMA UK. My mother has suffered with Fibromyalgia for as long as I can remember, it is a terrible infliction and has had a major effect on my mother's life and my families life's. We all know it exists yet still have very little understanding of it and how it effects millions worldwide. 

I appreciate your support in helping me to build a business which will provide me with a sustainable income to support my family and donate a percentage of profits to Fibromyalgia research in the UK.

Let's make 'Business start up with FMAUK charity contribution' happen