Business Start up and community Project

Business Start up and community Project

My aim is to raise a funding to by equipment that will help create jobs for those who have been made redundant and to help the community

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hi everyone

I am Paul Harrow 

I started my own photography business 4 years ago and have been growing over time and I have big ideas to help the community and progress my business.

Up until 18 months ago things were running smoothly until I hit a brick wall.

I hired a professional website designer to create a website for me, however he turned out to be a con artist and conned me out of £3,400 as well as stealing my equipment. For other business out there this is ALBdesigns run by Gareth Cole/ Gareth Oyston. Please don't fall for his con like I did as im now stuck in a legal battle to attempt to get it back.

I also attempted to help my best friend gain a family by moving his girlfriend up from London, get them settled and loaned them a fair bit of money. But unfortunately lesson learned they took advantage and now refuse that even happened which leaves me struggling on.

This has taken away my funding to help assist in the community.


As a business I always assist local causes and can provide testimonials to that effect. I don't charge charities for the coverage of their events. As people pay to go to these events to assist the cause and not to put money in individuals pockets. As a business and as a person I love helping within the community and I use all my skills to cover public events like the world war two days, Brass Bands and causes such as Remembering Rebecca, Fat Lads On Bikes, JPC, Teesside Ladies Netball Team, Butterfly Giving and many more. I put in everything I have to make these events special for those taking part and provide free copies of the images as a thank you. 


I also take the photos on a match day at Middlesbrough Football Club and I am coming up to my 5th year. For 4 years I have done this voluntarily to help grow my reputation as I believe you have to work to be successful and that it is not all about quick profits. So for those in the Teesside Community I am the big guy in the purple hoody and the big Camera.


The money I aim to raise is to by equipment such as a photobooth for my business to use both for private events and charity events. I don't want to charge charities as it goes against my morales however for people to be able to walk away with a print and pay a small donation for the memories would help boost the money raised for each local cause.

With a photobooth my business can take on a new dimention and really build up. I currently have two individuals who have just been made redundant from their jobs and in the current economic climate they are struggling to find a new job to support their families. My aim is to purchase cameras to branch into the videography side or business so that they can both learn and grow their skills and both are amazing at what they do. But to do that we need the equipment.


I have attempted to go for grants and get investment but so far I do not fit into any category that makes me eligible for funding. This is because of the work I do in the community free of charge they don't see a profit in this for them and my business I refuse to give shares because it means I cannot provide the same level of support that I enjoy with shareholders wanting to cash in on charities. 


I would like to think my business is unique in the way that I set my pricing as I try to meet everyones budget as everyone has the right to make and keep memories, but not everyone has the budget to pay top prices.


I'm currently 24 and ive created my business from the bottom up without any financial support from loan companies, grants or other businesses. What I have created is mine to feel pride in what I have achieved to date. I have never been to any form of official tuition and have taught myself everything I know about photography. But have been helped along the way by small businesses and charities trusting in my work and helping me grown and develop my skills.


To gain funding to progress means I can make my mark not just in Teesside but around the North East of England and cast us in a good light Globally through the images I capture. 


If any individuals wish to donate I will happily give discount to prints on my website, or arrange fair trade deals.


To any business that are willing to support. I provide advertising photos on a commercial scale and have contacts in the media industry that unfortunately are not in a position to pay me but can work hand in hand together growing and building businesses and reputations.

If you wish to see proof as to what I am about my website is below

Facebook is

Paul Harrow Photography


Thank you for reading.

No donation is too small but all is equally appreciated